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The Trade Centre Wales is opening a new used car supermarket in Wednesbury, West Midlands named The Trade Centre UK. This new site will contain the cheapest cars anywhere in the UK; spread over 12 acres, the lot will contain 1,200 cars and will be open seven days a week. Set to open April 14th, The Trade Centre UK will create over 200 new jobs for the local community across sales, administration and vehicle preparation. Councillor Paul Moore, cabinet member for regeneration in Sandwell, said of the news: “This is great news and I’m...Continue reading »

Our long-term 2016 Fiat 500X is a fine little crossover that’s nearly undone by a underwhelming and often frustrating powertrain. The 2.4-liter naturally aspirated four-cylinder/nine-speed automatic combo can be found in a number of FCA products. In every single application I’ve used this engine, the takeaway has been the same: It’s a boat anchor. I like our 500X, I really do. I haven’t spent as much time behind the wheel as I would like, but I’ve put thousands of miles on its platform twin, the Jeep Renegade,...Continue reading »

Hybrid Kinetic Group wants you to know that its H600 hybrid luxury sedan is more than just a pretty face. In fact, it’s bound for production in 2019 or 2020, according to board member Carter Yeung. The car that was shown off in concept form at the Geneva Motor Show is “85 to 90 percent” of how the final car will look, reports Automotive News. Two more concept vehicles are slated for debut at the upcoming Shanghai Motor Show. When it reaches production – if it reaches production – the all-wheel-drive HK H600 will...Continue reading »

One learns early in an auto journalist’s career that it’s easier to wring out a sports car on local roads the way the car was designed to be driven than to wring out a sport/utility vehicle on local (off) roads the way it was designed to be rock-climbed. Even in Metro Detroit, the town that gave us the prairie schooners of the 1950s-’70s, there are a couple of decent on-ramp clover leaves. This little turn-around off the gravel back road was barely the size of a good suburban back yard, though, and so I was tempted by...Continue reading »

The 2017 Mazda MX-5 Miata RF is not the first hardtop convertible Miata, but it is the first one to feature the sweet buttresses that, when the top retracts, provide the appearance of a targa top instead of a typical roadster. Mazda developed the Retractable Fastback to preserve the Miata’s already minimal trunk space, which would be impacted considerably if a traditional convertible hard top,like that of the NC-generation Miata PRHT’s, was used,due to the new ND Miata’s smaller size. Instead, the RF loses just 0.11...Continue reading »

You can tell just by looking at it. The C-HR was supposed to be a Scion, right up until Toyota put the brand out of its misery. Like the rest of the survivors, it found asylum in Toyota, but it remains firmly a child of two worlds. As a result, it’s completely unsure of what it wants to be, and it shows. Start with the name. C-HR stands for “Coupe-High Rider,” and it’s neither. The body side is styled to make it look like a coupe, with all the associated packaging drawbacks. The designers attempted to hide the...Continue reading »

As of April 1st 2017, new Vehicle Exercise Duty rules will shake the world of car tax across the UK. But how will these changes affect new car buyers in the coming months? Up until the rule change, VED was determined purely on CO2 emissions from the vehicle – but moving forward, the value of the vehicle will be considered. In fact, the greater the value, the more you are likely to pay. New and used car dealership Motorparks have produced an easy-to-follow visual guide with all the information you need to know about the rule change, including...Continue reading »

For a while and without too many specifics, Hyundai has been talking about a new hydrogen powered CUV or SUV to replace the Hyundai Tucson Fuel Cell. Now, in Geneva, the Korean automaker has given us a preview of that vehicle: the Future Eco (FE) Fuel Cell Concept. The FE Fuel Cell definitely looks like a concept car, with a clean, flowing look Hyundai says is inspired by water, which happens to be this car’s only tailpipe emission. It has a sturdy stature, with the large wheels pushed to the corners. Aerodynamic touches help make...Continue reading »

Rich folks accustomed to sending the luggage ahead can now send more of it more swiftly with a new cluster of model variants being added to the Porsche Panamera constellation. They’ll go by the moniker Sport Turismo, and they’ll be distinguishable from the outside by their shooting brake profile, which involves a longer roofline, a larger rear quarter window, a fatter D-pillar, and a more upright but still rakish hatch glass. That hatch now drops well down into the bumper, so the Louis Vuittons only have to be hoisted 24.7...Continue reading »

Can I tell you something? I really like Toyota’s big SUVs. The Land Cruiser, first and foremost, has been my favorite for generations now. Is there a better SUV? Not really. Even if I’m wrong, so what? I love the thing. However the Lexus GX might be. Known in other parts of the world as the Toyota Prado, you can best think of the GX as Land Cruiser Junior. Sales of the GX are indeed slow, and Lexus feels the need (sadly) to have a more conventional 3-row uni-body luxury SUV to compete with the high-dollar and high-volume Audi...Continue reading »