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Toyota Motor Corporation and Panasonic Corporation announced today an agreement to begin studying the feasibility of a joint automotive prismatic battery business. This agreement between the two companies aims to help find solutions to pressing societal issues such as global warming, air pollution, the depletion of natural resources and energy security. Furthermore, this agreement is intended to address growing demand and expectations for electrified vehicles. In order to realize these objectives, Toyota and Panasonic target further advancements...Continue reading »

Production of the all-electric NEVS 9-3 started on December 5th at the company’s Tianjin plant in China. The installed annual product capacity is 50,000 electric vehicles in Phase I of the Project, and 220,000 is the plan for Phase II. NEVS is working with 3 generations of EVs with innovation and development centers in both China and Sweden. The second and third generation will be developed in close co-operation with DiDi Chuxing. As the automobile industry is quickly changing, not only from conventional cars to EVs, but also into vehicles...Continue reading »

Having a good credit score can affect the probability of you getting a car loan, and it may decrease the interest rate that you are required to pay. However, even people with a bad credit score can get a car loan if they look around and follow some tips given by the experts. A credit score helps the lender to determine how likely you are to be by default. Looking at your history, the lender decides if they should or should not give you a loan and what rate they need to charge you. Getting a car loan with a bad credit rate may be a little...Continue reading »

We have now passed a fair amount of time since the UK public voting to leave the European Union — full details of the landmark decision can be found in this BBC News article. But just how much has the motoring industry been affected by the vote on Thursday June 23rd though? To find out, used vans specialist Van Monster has investigated the immediate aftermath of Brexit on the sector: The feeling among motorists regarding Brexit Before we start looking at the markets and businesses which make up the UK’s motoring industry, we will...Continue reading »

If the time has arrived where you consider purchasing a used car or truck, can you be positive you won’t get a lemon? For many individuals, getting the right used vehicle can drive them crazy. To start, they fear that the vehicle will end up costing them more money than it is worth over time. Second, what if the vehicle has safety issues? It may have been in an accident or two over time. If so, it could be a ticking time bomb when it comes to having another accident. Last, what if you end up not liking the vehicle the more you drive...Continue reading »

It’s was a rainy autumn day at the glorious Stuttgart airport, and for roughly an hour or so, I was all set to drive a brand new Mercedes-AMG GLC63 S Coupe in Diamond White, powered by a twin-turbo V8 packing a “massive” 503 hp and 516 lb-ft of torque. It’s pretty much the same engine as in the AMG GT S sports car, minus a few horses and the dry sump lubrication. No wonder why they don’t call it a Mercedes-Benz. It’s an AMG, which becomes absolutely clear after one peek at its carbon fiber rear wing. The...Continue reading »

The 2018 Cadillac CT6 showcases General Motors’ impressive Super Cruise feature. It’s the next milestone on the way to an autonomous future, though GM is being conservative about promoting Super Cruise’s considerable prowess. It helps the driver, GM says. Does it work? Our editors have been testing one this week as the calendar turns and the temperatures drop in Michigan. Also, the CT6 is a really nice car. Here’s what we think. Editor-in-Chief Greg Migliore: Super Cruise just works. I was blown away how easy...Continue reading »

More often than not, the vast majority of drivers are uncertain as to when they should be looking to invest in a new car and the reasons for this – So, below are some helpful tips to help you decide when to buy a new car. One of the most obvious signs that it’s probably time to invest in a new car, is when you start to notice that your car is experiencing frequent small problems. You might notice that you are having to pay additional expenses in order to maintain the condition of your car, which can all add up to a substantial...Continue reading »

The new CLS pioneers the new design idiom of Mercedes-Benz, which is recognizable by its clear contours and reduced lines. Its character is marked by a grille contour that widens towards the base and a forward-slanting front section. Other features include wide, low-set headlights and two-section taillamps. At the same time the design reflects the timeless aura of the first CLS, which founded a new segment and quickly became a design icon. In 2003, with the CLS, Mercedes-Benz created a new vehicle segment that combined the elegance and...Continue reading »

You know as a parent that your teen means the world to you. With that being the case, you no doubt worry about them with regularity. If your teen is learning how to drive or has only been on the roads for a short time, how safe will they be? Even with the best driver’s education, you may feel as if your teen does not have all the protection they need on the road. So, are there ways you can go about making it safer for them when they do get behind the wheel? Road Safety Can’t Be Taken for Granted In doing your best to make sure your...Continue reading »