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Faraday Future has been given approval to test self-driving cars on the public roads of California, according to a recent report by Reuters. Faraday Future plans to start building and selling electric vehicles next year in the United States, but has not disclosed details of regarding its newly awarded self-driving program. A spokesperson from the California Department of Motor Vehicles on Tuesday confirmed that Faraday had been approved to test self-driving vehicles on public roads on June 17. Prior to Faraday’s win, California gave...Continue reading »

By 2018, all new cars will be required to include backup cameras, thanks to a newset of regulations implemented by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). But until that time comes, many cars new and old will still be sold without an integrated camera. It’s cars like these that are the perfect candidate for a new product called Pearl RearVision. Designed by a group of ex-Apple employees, Pearl RearVision is a smart backup camera designed to work hand-in-hand with vehicles to help increase safety, both for the...Continue reading »

Vision Ridge Partners, a climate action-oriented investment firm, has closed on its major investment in EVgo, the nation’s leading public fast-charging network for electric vehicles. EVgo will now launch as an independent company, focused on expanding its charging network and leading more drivers to purchase and use electric vehicles nationwide. The closing marks the beginning of a new strategic expansion of EVgo’s fast-charging network. Since its development, EVgo has worked closely with automakers like Nissan, BMW, and Ford to develop...Continue reading »

The BMW Group is celebrating its centenary under the motto “THE NEXT 100 YEARS”. At its Munich Centenary Event on 7 March, the automaker introduced the BMW VISION NEXT 100. BMW has today introduced two more Vision concepts: the MINI VISION NEXT 100 and the Rolls-Royce VISION NEXT 100. A fourth Vision Vehicle, by BMW Motorrad, will make its premiere on 16 October in Los Angeles, completing the BMW Group’s brand quartet of far-forward looking concepts. In developing the BMW VISION NEXT 100, the main objective was to create not an...Continue reading »

Since the history of the two models, the Vauxhall Astra and the Ford Focus have had a bitter rivalry. Depending on who you ask, one or the other is the undisputed best hatchback on the market. You may be sorry to hear it, but I’m on team Astra! I believe that today, Vauxhall’s most famous model blows its natural enemy out of the water. Read on to hear why… I’ll start with the dimensions you get out of the two cars. The 2015 Astra has something of an eerie Tardis effect going on. Although it looks much more compact and nimble from...Continue reading »

Southern California-based Tesla tuner Unplugged Performance has released a new front fascia and spoiler product to make the older Model S sedans look a little more like the newer ones. For $2,995, current Model S owners can get a front end that looks a lot like the facelifted version that arrived this spring. New-car smell not included. Unplugged Performance’s Model S Refresh Fascia Upgrade, which was announced Wednesday, gives those Model S owners what it says is “an opportunity to experience that new car feeling once again.”...Continue reading »

Godzilla was never known for his manners. Loud, insistent, and violently quick, the Nissan GT-R’s fundamental appeal stemmed from its ability to slaughter the six-figure competition with its relentlessly focused forward motion. But as icons age, they sometimes evolve. Case in point: the 2017 Nissan GT-R. Haters bemoan the GT-R’s clinical and uninvolving quality, but their high-minded critiques should be taken with a grain of salt. Nissan’s flagshipsports car has been both heavy-fisted and enthralling, with an appetite...Continue reading »

You wouldn’t put your car in a dishwasher, but that’s exactly what Nissan does with every new model it launches. Of course, you can’t fit an actual Qashqai crossover in a kitchen appliance… which is why Nissan’s European Technical Centre has a scaled-up version that can house a full-sized vehicle.   Thousands of litres of water are sprayed at the exterior of a car from every angle, and the process is accompanied by a fingertip inspection to ensure the highest quality in waterproof sealing. Also known as the monsoon test for...Continue reading »

Zipcar announced the roll out of 50 new plug-in hybrid cars as part of a new partnership with Westminster City Council and Volkswagen UK designed to bring premium zero-emission driving to Londoners at an affordable price. Fifty Volkswagen Golf GTE plug-in hybrid cars are now available to Zipcar members, with 40 cars located in the City of Westminster and 10 additional cars elsewhere in London, such as Tower Bridge and Old Oak. To make this possible, Westminster City Council has installed new charging infrastructure in 40 of their car...Continue reading »

Chinese cars are easy to spot. You can’t miss them. They’re either hideously garish or blatant copies of foreign cars. But as the Chinese auto industry begins to mature, its designers are developing the skills and gaining the confidence to compete on the international stage. We’re on the verge of seeing Chinese design go from laughable to likeable. Of course, they’re not just doing this on their own. Chinese automakers are hiring skilled veterans, especially from North America and Europe, to build up their design...Continue reading »