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Lisa Chan

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Ford took a big gamble three years ago when it introduced its all-aluminum F-150 and it paid off…bigly. The automaker’s engineers, dealers and loyal...Continue reading »

Last year, Mercedes-Benz announced that it was going all-in on straight-sixes, launching the M256 family of 3.0-liter gas- and diesel-powered motors. AMG...Continue reading »

Tesla’s next passenger vehicle under development, the Model Y compact crossover, will be built on the platform and underpinnings of the California automaker’s...Continue reading »

If you have a whole lot of money, one of the world’s leading engineering groups will help you out with your supercar dreams. Take the Lykan Hypersport,...Continue reading »

The Tesla Model S regained Consumer Reports’ top safety rating in the ultra-luxury car segment, after the automaker updated the Automatic Emergency Braking...Continue reading »

The plug-in electric car market in Ireland is up 20% this year, having registered 524 units, increasing the total stock of passenger plug-ins to over 2,200...Continue reading »

Are you ready for a four-door Ford Bronco hybrid? A Ford engineer with loose lips claims that the next Bronco is already in its third design phase but...Continue reading »

When the first-generation Subaru XV Crosstrek launched a few years ago, I was skeptical that more ground clearance and fender flares is all it would take...Continue reading »

We spent the week with a Grigio Argento Aluminum 2017 Fiat 124 Spider Abarth, known to many simply as the Fiata. As you may know, the 124 Spider is heavily...Continue reading »

The latest information drop for the upcoming Aston Martin Valkyrie hypercar has arrived. After nearly a year of teasing that started with the announcement...Continue reading »