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Mary Mohler

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Despite being the antithesis of the cars Germany is known for, the new Ford Mustang was thebest selling sports car in the land of schnitzel and beer last...Continue reading »

Tesla Motors delivered 14,820 units worldwide in first quarter of 2016, comprising 12,420 Model S vehicles and 2,400 Model X vehicles. Q1 deliveries were...Continue reading »

A progressive new exhibit by Lexus called “Lexus – An Encounter with Anticipation” will headline the luxury brand’s presence at...Continue reading »

Driving a Tesla – driving any EV, really – is an experience. If you’ve never done it before, the first time is a revelation. I’m...Continue reading »

Thousands of feet above the Pacific Ocean, the winding roads that lead to the summit of Palomar Mountain turn from undulating curves to tight, blind, hairpin...Continue reading »

So the Ultimate Driving Machine might soon become the Ultimate Machine Driver. We get it, that’s the way things are moving. For its part, BMW still...Continue reading »

Today international automotive supplier Continental announced in its Media Webcast for fiscal year 2015 the acquisition of the Hi-Res 3D Flash LIDAR business...Continue reading »

Volkswagen’s new Golf SportWagen Limited Edition could be a great option for customers who want the latest safety systems but can give up a few frills...Continue reading »

The award-winning Nissan Qashqai crossover will be the company’s first vehicle in Europe to feature autonomous ‘Piloted Drive’ technology when it...Continue reading »

Nissan will showcase two striking special versions of its best-selling crossovers, the Qashqai and X-Trail, at the forthcoming Geneva Motor Show.   Taking...Continue reading »