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After more than a year of building test vehicles for development of its self-driving technology, General Motors said today it will build production versions...Continue reading »

Choosing a car is one of the most exciting times in any guys life. When you’ve worked hard, but you’ve only ever driven subpar cars, getting to pick...Continue reading »

Some might recognize Alfa Romeo as a fascinatingly successful and widely renowned manufacturer of vehicles that are more than capable of offering sheer...Continue reading »

Auto Express reports that during last week’s launch of the all-new Hyundai Santa Fe, the carmaker’s global head of sales said a hotted-up N...Continue reading »

Volvo Cars today revealed the new V60 five-door, mid-size premium estate, underlining the Swedish company’s position as a maker of cars that combine...Continue reading »

Since the Viper left the building, the Challenger has been the sole Dodge to don fat racing stripes across its hood, roof, and tail. It was feeling lonely...Continue reading »

Uwe Michael, Head of the Electrics/Electronics Development Division at Porsche, on battery technology, charging times, apps and artificial intelligence...Continue reading »

The Subaru Outback is an incredibly popular range of vehicles that are technically under the SUV banner but in the real world, can probably better be described...Continue reading »

How do you make someone’s eyes go wide as the sun? Show them the window sticker for this: the most expensive Subaru ever sold in the US. This is the...Continue reading »

Mercedes-Benz revealed the all-new A-Class hatch today in Amsterdam, complete with the new corporate face, a fully upgraded interior, and tons of tech...Continue reading »