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NIO will be showcasing its Performance Programme vehicles for the first time in Europe during the ‘Festival of Speed – The Silver Jubilee’ event...Continue reading »

Koenigsegg announced today it has ended production of the Agera supercar. During its three-year run, the company produced 25 examples, setting five world...Continue reading »

Andreas Preuninger, the head of Porsche’s GT division, owns a 2012 Ram 1500 long-box. He mostly uses it to haul his motorcycles. It apparently won’t...Continue reading »

Under the leadership of Jean-Marc Gales, Lotus has embraced carbon fiber in its quest to continually make its cars lighter. Speaking to British magazine...Continue reading »

Not all Lamborghinis are mid-engine supercars, but those are the cars that define the brand. Two-seat, mid-engine cars lend themselves well to the wedge-shaped...Continue reading »

In order to shoot what seems to be a 14-minute commercial for the new GT, Ford took its Triple Yellow press car to Norway, perhaps the most stunning chunk...Continue reading »

Lexus Australia will introduce two exclusive “F” sports models next year to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the brand’s premium performance...Continue reading »

Why do people obsess over Ferrari? To outsiders, Ferrari fandom may seem like a nonsensical cult, but when you learn about cars like the 250 LM, it starts...Continue reading »

When the MP4-12C launched back in 2011, McLaren offered in in a lovely dark shade called Racing Green. Hardly any were ordered, and the color was removed...Continue reading »

UK-based electric vehicle start-up, Detroit Electric, revealed the first outline sketches of some of its future models during the company’s debut at...Continue reading »