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The most powerful Audi RS7 you can buy today is the 605-hp Performance model (pictured above). That’s probably enough horsepower for a sedan, but apparently because we live in crazy times, Audi is working on a hybrid RS7 with 100 more horsepower. Evo reports that Audi is working on two drivetrain options for the next-gen RS7, a base model with 650 horsepower (!), and a 700-hp hybrid. Audi’s head of design, Marc Lichte, confirmed this information to Evo, adding that the next-generation RS7 will borrow its powertrain hardware...Continue reading »

When the MP4-12C launched back in 2011, McLaren offered in in a lovely dark shade called Racing Green. Hardly any were ordered, and the color was removed from McLaren’s official palette, which is a shame. Now, McLaren is bringing back a similar historic color for a limited-edition 570GT and it’s all sorts of lovely. The color is called XP Green, and it made its first McLaren appearance on the F1 GT (pictured above), a long-tail F1 created specifically for endurance racing. McLaren is building six MSO Collection 570GTs, each...Continue reading »

When Ford finally revealed the new-generation Fiesta ST back in February, we were ecstatic. Well, I was ecstatic, because I owned a Fiesta ST and loved it to death. According to this latest report, it seems the new generation Fiesta ST—and any other version of the new Fiesta, for that matter—will not be coming to America. It’s a dark day for the hot hatch enthusiast world. Carbuzz spoke to European Director of Ford Performance Leo Roeks at the Frankfurt Auto Show recently and asked him about U.S. availably of the newest-generation...Continue reading »

A familiar face – The exterior of the Audi Elaine concept car debuted just a few months ago. In May 2017, Audi presented the celebrated Audi e-tron Sportback design study and technology demonstrator at Auto Shanghai in China. The Frankfurt debutant shares its body line, electric drive and not least its distinctive exterior lighting with the precursor to the second production electric car from Audi. 23-inch wheels in a technical 6-spoke design highlight the confident presence of the SUV coupe. An exterior length of 4.90 meters (16.1 ft),...Continue reading »

We’re big fans of Mazda’s past rotary engined cars, so anytime it files a new rotary patent, or a rumor surfaces that the RX-9 is finally headed to production, we get excited.We also appreciate that Mazda is still openly committed to trying to find a way to bring the rotary engine back. But we also have to accept that it’s probably not going to happen anytime soon, and one of the biggest reasons is that Mazda can only invest so much money into technology that’s unlikely to be a major profit driver. Speaking with...Continue reading »

UK-based electric vehicle start-up, Detroit Electric, revealed the first outline sketches of some of its future models during the company’s debut at Cenex’s LCV2017 (Low Carbon Vehicles) event at Millbrook in Bedfordshire. Styling images show side-profile silhouettes of three models that the Leamington Spa-based electric vehicle manufacturer will develop and introduce over the next three years: a sports car, a crossover and a large saloon. Chief Technical Officer and Company Director Richie Frost, says: “We have been working for...Continue reading »

Following the launch of the new Cayenne at Stuttgart, Autocar reports that according to their chat with Porsche R&D boss Michael Steiner, the firm sees “potential for more purist versions of sports cars with no limitation”. After the all-around success of the 911 R, this is hardly shocking news. Steiner went further, saying that he believes it is important for Porsche to have 911s that are “fun on the road, not just on the track”. About the 911 R, he added: “What we learned is that there are more and more customers who...Continue reading »

The UK’s car manufacturing industry has witnessed a 17-year high in production last year. In 2016, a total of 1.7 million vehicles were produced, the highest total since 1999. And the progression has continued this year – in March 2017, there were over 170,691 cars produced on UK production lines, a 7.3% increase on March 2016. The manufacturing success is driven by an overseas demand – of the 170,691 cars produced in March, 130,000 were shipped abroad. This is good for our global exporting but the domestic demand continues to trail...Continue reading »

MINI is using the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show to showcase its take on future personal mobility in the city – in the form of the MINI Electric Concept. Designed for use in urban areas, this concept car offers a window into how pure-electric day-to-day mobility might look in the years ahead. And the MINI Electric Concept also brings the iconic design, city-dwelling heritage and customary go-kart feeling of the MINI brand into the electric mobility age. MINI will present an all-electric series-production model in 2019. The world premiere...Continue reading »

Maybe you’re at the point where you’re ready to branch out from Nissan or Infiniti ownership to get a used truck and are concerned about the costs involved. Indeed, the upfront expense of a vehicle is a major thing to think about, but there are things you can do to make it more affordable. Consider Your Chances of Getting a Loan Car loans help many people get vehicles they couldn’t otherwise afford. That’s why it’s a good idea to find out more about the basic loan approval process, plus factors that could make you not get approved. Knowing...Continue reading »