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The revived TVR only began taking 5,000-pound deposits ($7,700 at current rates) for the marque’s new model on July 7, but in the few weeks since then, the revived British brand has already amassed 250 reservations to hold all of the cars that it planned to build in 2017, according to Autocar. That popularity is especially impressive for a vehicle that not only doesn’t have a name yet but also lacks a final design. The company is still accepting pounds from enthusiastic Brits, but now they need to wait until 2018 to get their...Continue reading »

The next-generation Hyundai Elantra has been speculated on and teased throughout this year. In March we got a leaked photo of a South Korean-market Elantra, the question being if this is was actually the new car and if we’d get in the US. Then we got officially sanctioned sketches of the exterior and the interior. Now Korean site Auto Tribune has leaked photos of the next Korean-market Avante, which is our Elantra, and they actually line up with the automaker sketches. According to Google Translate, the pictures were taken at a Hyundai...Continue reading »

The Chrysler 300 SRT is officially dead here in the US, but the sedan’s big V8 continues to rumble in a handful of other markets around the world. In fact, the model just received a refresh abroad to fit the standard version’s recently updated styling. According to Car and Driver, customers in countries like Australia, Japan, South Africa, South Korea, and a few other places can stop by their local Chrysler dealer soon to pick up some of this imported muscle. For the refresh, the 300 SRT’s 6.4-liter V8 remains under...Continue reading »

There are two new vehicle rumors that the auto industry can’t seem to get enough of these days: “Tesla fighters” and “Prius fighters.” The former category is filled up by Porsche and Audi and more. In the ranks of those who want to take on the world’s best-selling hybrid, we can add Hyundai, but this time with a potential twist. First, let’s take a look at the latest spy shots of the potentially 2017 model year gas-electric hybrid, including our first look inside. This car will be based on the...Continue reading »

Right from the moment Mercedes revealed its copycat X6, the Mercedes GLE Coupe (which isn’t really a coupe at all, but a GLE 4×4 with a hunchback), it was only a matter of time before a dubiously named tuning division got busy with the papier-mâché and spanners to create a modified version aimed squarely at the More Money Than Sense brigade. Welcome, if your eyes can stand it, to the Lumma Design CLR G 800. Where to start? Perhaps with the 24-inch wheels, squeezed into wider wheelarches under a slammed ride height, removing...Continue reading »

A Harris Poll of 2,225 US residents conducted in May found that consumer interest in full-electric and electric-assisted vehicles hasn’t changed in the past two years. Sales numbers back up the survey’s findings, with 2015 sales of EVs and hybrids still pegged at the same three percent of total US car sales that they were in 2012. That will mean more than a half million of them should find new homes this year, but as large as that number is, it’s still practically flat. According to respondents, consideration for such...Continue reading »

There are no shortage of fast Mustangs these days. Roush and Saleen will tune your ordinary ‘Stang into something really special. Ford itself offers hot coupes like the new Shelby GT350. Don’t even get me started on the endless aftermarket catalogs full of bolt-on whats-its and performance upgrades. Standing out within the huge crowd of tuned Mustangs is hard to do. But you’ll definitely notice this one. “I always wanted to do a Mustang,” Henrik Fisker told me as we walked toward his latest creation, the...Continue reading »

Aston Martin is taking direct aim at the top versions of the Tesla Model S with a plan to launch a battery electric Rapide sedan boasting 800 horsepower, all-wheel drive, and a 200-mile range within the next two years. Company CEO Andy Palmer confirmed the vehicle’s development to Automotive News during the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance. A test mule to engineer the powertrain was already on the road, Palmer asserted. The electric Rapide would join the internal combustion version, rather than replace it, and the BEV would...Continue reading »

Focus ST customers can get more performance out of their vehicle thanks to a new kit from Ford.And on that front, the new Focus ST mountune upgrade kit delivers in spades. The idea of a street-legal, reliable, largely stock 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine making nearly 300 lb.-ft. of torque might have seemed ludicrous 10 years ago, but the components of the MP275 Focus ST performance upgrade not only combine to produce up to 296 lb.-ft. of torque with 93-octane fuel, they are designed for maximum reliability as well. “The 2015 Focus...Continue reading »

The one you want has yet to be revealed, but the one most of you will actually buy is here. This is the brand new Mercedes-Benz C-Class Coupe. Isn’t it pretty? Of course, you want the C63 AMG Coupe (the one teased in the video at the end of the gallery above), but we’re still waiting on AMG to finish that biturbo V8 monster, so here’s the ‘standard’ version, which will arrive by the end of the year. As you can no doubt verify with your own eyes, it is the two door version of the new C-Class saloon, with a new ‘sportier’...Continue reading »