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We saw the spy shots, we saw the car in person, but now is when we finally start to get some actual details about what’s going on under the hood of the new 2016 Toyota Prius. We knew that the fourth-gen version of the world’s most popular hybrid will be built on Toyota’s new TNGA platform, but now we’ve got fresh information that helps explain a bit how the new Prius will get about 10 percent better fuel economyor around 55 miles per gallon. The short version: lots of little improvements everywhere. One of the...Continue reading »

Nissan’s performance division has worked its magic on a variety of vehicles. But not all of them have been based on sports cars, and not all of them have been made available here in the United States. Its latest model is neither. In launching the Nismo sub-brand in the Dubai, Nissan has started with a decidedly different model in thePatrol Nismo. It’s based on the SUV we’d know better as the Infiniti QX80, but instead of taking an off-road or luxury approach, the Patrol Nismo (as you might have guessed) goes for on-road...Continue reading »

The state of California has long been ahead of the game when it comes to enacting laws limiting greenhouse gas emissions from light-duty vehicles in the US. Now, it looks like the Golden State is again leading the pack as it tries to get to the bottom of the Volkswagen diesel-emissions scandal that has shaken up much of the automotive industry. In fact, while VW has come out and said vehicle recallswouldn’t likely start happening until at least January, the state is giving VW until Nov. 20 to outline how it will repair its diesel-powered...Continue reading »

Many 2016 model year vehicles are already for sale at dealers in the US but none of them haveVolkswagen’s 2.0-liter TDI. Don’t expect to see the diesels on lots for several months either. TheEnvironmental Protection Agency is preparing an onslaught of evaluations on the engine to make sure that it doesn’t get fooled again, Impre Auto reports. Before the new tests can even begin, VW must resubmit the 2016 diesels to the EPA, and the company isn’t saying when that might be. The automaker took back the models’...Continue reading »

The Hyundai Genesis Coupe looks to be getting a serious jolt of performance when the next-gen model hits the market. An example was recently spotted testing that wore the label “3.3T 8AT AWD,” according to The Korean Car Blog citing Korean website Team Testdrive. That designation certainly didn’t take much work to interpret. The turbocharged 3.3-liter engine under the hood was likely the twin-turbo V6 thatHyundai has been developing for the next-gen Genesis sedan for 2017 or 2018. With engineering still underway, the...Continue reading »

Nissan has quite a diverse lineup ready for the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show this year. There are a few familiar faces in tow like the Gripz concept and updated Leaf. However, the true debut among this group is the quirky Teatro for Dayz concept (pictured above) that imagines the ultimate vehicle for young people. According to Nissan, the Teatro for Dayz is designed for the so-called digital native generation – basically those with the Internet widely available from birth. On the outside, the EV concept actually evokes a modernized take on...Continue reading »

Fiat is preparing to roll out a new midsize pickup. We’ve seen spy shots of the prototype running around, but heavily camouflaged as it was, we didn’t get much indication of what it would look like – and even less about its name. But now the Italian automaker has given us an indication of both. Previewed in the teaser image above is the forthcoming new Fiat Toro. The vehicle is billed as a “sport-utility pickup,” which Fiat touts as a new segment, though there are already plenty of vehicles out there that aim...Continue reading »

With decades of history, the Chevrolet Small Block V8 has definitely stood the test of time, and the company has kept finding ways to make it better. At this year’s SEMA Show in November, Chevy Performance is unveiling the latest upgrade to that legacy with the new ZZ6 350-cubic-inch (5.7-liter) crate engine. Offering 405 horsepower and 405 pound-feet of torque, the mill should add a big dose of power to any project car. For the ZZ6, Chevy is working to improve the Small Block’s high-rpm performance. To make that happen, the...Continue reading »

Starting almost an hour late, as is unsurprising forTesla, CEO Elon Musk laid out his vision for why you should want an all-electric Model X SUV as his company finally launched the EV. Musk started the demonstration off with a long discussion about the safety of the X, saying it was the first SUV that gets five stars in every crash test category. One reason for this is that there is no gas engine in the front of the vehicle. With the heavy battery placed so low in the vehicle, there is also a very low chance of a roll-over, he said. With...Continue reading »

As if some Volkswagen TDI owners don’t already feel bad enough, given the recent diesel scandal, someone is further shaming them. Flyers full of bad information are being left on TDI cars in eco-friendly Portland, OR. Portland-based sandwich joint Lardo posted a picture of the flyer to their Instagram account yesterday morning. Along with annoying font color changes, the flyer incorrectly states that the diesel car spews two to four times more pollutants than a Chevy Suburban. The author of the flyer also throws a Nazi mention in...Continue reading »