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Leviton unveiled the Evr-Green 320 Level 2 Charging Station, the latest addition to its Evr-Green line of residential, commercial and public electric vehicle charging systems. The updated device provides up to 32 amps at 208 or 240 volts AC (7.7 kW maximum output) and is designed with an improved installation process to better meet customers’ needs and to reduce the charge time of next generation SAE J1772 plug-in electric vehicles. The Evr-Green 320 Level 2 Charging Station features a unique charge connector assembly that is rated...Continue reading »

Green Car Reports has delved into the numbers that California has used to structure Assembly Bill 8, which devotes $200 million in funding through 2024 to build least 100 hydrogen refueling stations in the state. GCR first focuses on the mandated renewable component in hydrogen production. The bill requires that renewable energy sources like solar, tidal currents, and biomass digester gas be used to manufacture at least 33 percent of hydrogen production at state-funded stations. Private stations are initially exempt from the requirement,...Continue reading »

If you’re not familiar with the YouTube channel, Regular Car Reviews has a host critiquing (bizarrely) borrowed vehicles from a first person view. The show’s formula means that you can see drives in everything from an old Honda CRX to, in this case, a Tesla Model S P85. The narrator artfully mixes vulgar metaphors into the reviews, so this clip, while funny and informative, is definitely not safe to watch at work. The clip is far more experiential than most other car reviews, too. When driving the Tesla, that includes the...Continue reading »

If you’ve been following developments in Sant’Agata Bolognese lately, you’ll know that the world’s most unabashed supercar producer is adding an SUV. Code-named “Urus,” it will join the brand’s existing two-model (Aventador/Huracan) lineup. It’s a bold move for a company with a reputation built on iconic two-seaters including the Miura, Countach, and Diablo, and by its CEO’s own admission the decision “will radically change Lamborghini.” Why risk the company’s exclusive,...Continue reading »

Taken objectively, the Toyota Yaris isn’t the best car among its peers. In the last few years, the Yaris ceded major tracts of its once-lonely sandbox to new competition. To fully understand the 2015 Yaris, I drove one for a week, and came away with a fresh impression of Toyota’s subcompact hatch. Toyota is touting the new attitude of the Yaris. The company tasked its French design studio with bringing a little hot hatch flair to the party. That’s mostly marketing hyperbole, but the car does look a lot better than it...Continue reading »

Audi doesn’t offer an RS 8, and probably never will. But with the release of the new S8 Plus, we wonder if it will ever have to. Because Ingolstadt’s new flagship performance sedan packs a mighty punch. “Plus” doesn’t even begin to describe the enhancements Audi and Quattro GmbH have wrought on the ultimate new version of the A8 sedan. Power is increased from 520 horsepower to 605, besting anything else in its class. Only the Mercedes S65, which packs four more cylinders and two additional liters of displacement,...Continue reading »

After years of legal wrangling, the long-soured partnership between Volkswagen and Suzuki looks finally to be coming out of arbitration, according to Bloomberg. As a sign of the Japanese brand’s improved fortunes, hedge fund Third Point LLC recently bought an undisclosed stake in the company. The investor reported seeing a major opportunity in the successful Maruti Suzuki business in India. As an investment, the only major problem that Third Point found with Suzuki was its legal battle with VW. “The company’s greatest...Continue reading »

As surely as night follows day, an open-top Ferrari V8 has arrived a scant few months after the coupe.Yet while there’s no great surprise about the new 488 Spider – a 488 GTB for the sun-seekers, as you’ll have deduced – there’s plenty of fanfare. Being a modern Ferrari, the 488 Spider’s key boasts all centre, somewhat unromantically, around maths and science. Like this one: it’s as structurally stiff as the coupe it’s spun from, giving it a full 23 per cent more torsional rigidity than the 458 Spider it supersedes. Be...Continue reading »

The latest rumors emanating from the House of the Raging Bull say that Lamborghini is planning another million-dollar, ultra-exclusive supercar. Lambo is tipped to bring it to Pebble Beach next month, but it won’t be showing it to the general public. Lamborghini has a proud recent history of turning its flagship supercars into something even more desirable. You’ll remember the Reventón that was based on the Murciélago previewed the Aventador and was offered in a limited run of 20 coupes and 15 roadsters with a seven-figure...Continue reading »

The Chevrolet SS is one of the best cars no one’s buying. It’s a Bowtie-badged version of the Australian Holden Commodore with a 6.2-liter LS3 V8 under the hood. It’s got a six-speed manual transmission, General Motors’ sophisticated Magnetic Ride Control suspension, and rear-wheel drive. It’s a fullsize sedan that comes with every possible amenity you could want. And it’s less than $50,000. Chevrolet sold 2,479 SS sedans in 2014. That means it was outsold by every other vehicle the automaker offers,...Continue reading »