Thu. May 13th, 2021
Car Attorney

3 Main Qualities to Look For When Choosing Your Car (Houston) Attorney

Nobody wants to get into a car accident, but the fact is you probably will, sooner or later. There are around 6 million accidents in the U.S. each year. With that big a number, it’s only a matter of time until even the most careful driver gets into an accident with somebody else who wasn’t paying attention. Living in a big city raises the chances of an accident too, as does driving at busy times (think rush hour).

Thankfully, insurance and the legal process will usually see you compensated for suffering this type of ordeal. I say ‘usually’ because an incompetent lawyer could mean you miss out on the compensation you rightfully deserve.

Choosing the right attorney has more benefits than the payout too. Outside of maximizing compensation, the right attorney will make the entire legal process a lot easier and less stressful on you. They can help advise you in a number of areas, including medical treatment and what steps you should take immediately after the accident.

You can improve your chances of hiring the right attorney by focusing on the 3 qualities listed below. Use these areas to question the attorney and find out if they’re suited to your needs before you hire them. You can also click the link if you want to learn about accident attorneys in the Texas area.

  1. Experience

Firstly check how much experience this lawyer has, particularly in dealing with auto accident cases. Also ask what their success rate is. You want an experienced lawyer with a high success rate. This is proof that the lawyer in question can do a good job. Higher amounts of experience also usually mean the attorney has dealt with a bigger variety of cases and situations, so they’re less likely to be caught out in court and more likely to understand the individual differences in your case.

Another thing to go for is local experience. A lawyer who operates in the area where your case will be held should have an excellent understanding of local laws and anything that could help your case.

  1. Transparency & Communication

This is a tough one to guarantee when first hiring, but you can create an expectation of what communication you need. Let them know how often you would like to communicate and ask for total transparency – it’s more important for the attorney to be honest, yet some will avoid that and instead focus on telling you what you want to hear.

  1. Past History/References

As mentioned in the first point, you want an attorney with a high success rate. Ask them about this and check their history yourself too. You want to find out if this attorney has had problems with complaints or petitions from unhappy clients in the past. Likewise if there has been any controversy around them or any disqualified case, they’re unlikely to be the best option for you. There could be a good explanation for a one-off occurrence, but any more than that and I wouldn’t chance it. Besides some attorneys with one-off problems will simply lie to cover their errors.

If you’re unsure, head on down to a courthouse and see how this attorney operates. Courthouses are public places so you can attend any time. I suggest going when cases similar to yours are being heard, so you can get a good feel for who you’re hiring.