Thu. Oct 28th, 2021

5 Sensible Tactics For Avoiding Arrest While Driving

The vast majority of drivers have, at some point, experienced the creeping sense of dread from being pulled over by the police. The sudden blare of sirens, and the blue and red lights glinting in your mirror can cause a panic of the highest order. If you have nothing to hide, it’s not a problem, of course. But there is a chance that even if you think you have done nothing wrong, you could end up being arrested. So, while you are driving, take these sensible steps to make sure that you don’t end up in legal trouble.


Don’t be a target for revenue gathering

Law enforcement is worth a lot of money to the different states, and they earn a fortune from driving fines and tickets. The police actively look for reasons to pull you over, and will arrest you if they have a good reason. It makes sense, then, that you take care of your car, make regular checks, and ensure it is roadworthy at all times. Broken tail lights might not seem like a big problem, but the police will see it as an excuse to pull you over. Once that happens, they will do their best to find other issues, too. So keep your car in the best shape possible and don’t give them an excuse.

Don’t take risks

Going to risk another drink before you drive home? Don’t. We all know the dangers of drink driving, and if you get caught, you will need a DWI attorney. But consider those other risks a lot of drivers take, too. Think you might get through that traffic light before it turns red? Tempted to put your foot down for that nice stretch of road? The more risks you take, the more visible you will be to any police officer.

Be invisible

The police are more likely to stop you if they notice you – it’s that simple. Flashy sports cars, strange haircuts, bumper stickers in the shape of cannabis leaves – they all make you a target. In short, the more boring and dull you look while driving, the less likely you are to be pulled over. However, the way you drive can also attract attention. If you are reactive when you see a police officer, it’s a sign that you might have something to hide. Even if you are already doing something to attract attention, don’t alter the pattern – doing so will ensure a pullover.

Take the insults

If you do get pulled over, the police will look for reasons to arrest you. It can be an insulting and denigrating experience, but bite your lip and don’t react. Keep calm, remain respectful and resist any effort to incite you. Yes, it can hurt in psychological terms, but if you stay calm, you have more chance of avoiding arrest – which is far worse than a few harsh words.

Beg for leniency

If an officer wants to arrest you, they will do everything they can to make it happen. If this is the case, appeal to their humanity. Ask them for a notice instead, and explain how an arrest will affect you. It won’t always work – but it is worth trying it if it helps you avoid an arrest.

Good luck – and stay boring on those roads!