Tue. Jun 15th, 2021
Salesman & New Owner

5 Tips For Buying A Great Used Car

You’ll know if it has happened to you before, that there are a lot of mistakes that you probably make when car buying. However, this needn’t be the case. We’ve put together a list of five helpful tips that will keep you right when buying your next used car. Check it out below!

Salesman & New Owner

  1. Do Your Research

Car supermarkets such as those run by RRG Group will have a wide selection of cars to choose from. You’re never going to come away with a great deal if you don’t know which make, model and size is best suited for you. So, first, do your research to ensure that you know exactly what you’re after upon entry. At the very least, have a strong idea. This will ensure that you don’t walk away disappointed.

  1. Work Out Your Finances

Secondly, be sure to work out how much you can actually afford to spend on a new, used car. There’s no good in slapping down a big deposit on a vehicle that you can’t afford to pay off each month. Draw up a budget and work out your ins and outs, so that you’re fully aware of what finances you have at your disposal.

  1. Find Out More About The Car

Once you’ve been presented with a suitable vehicle, then be sure to ask the salesman a lot more about the vehicle in front of you. Make sure you know the mileage, the number of previous owners, if it has had any repairs or damages in its history, etc. These are all important bits of information that will help you make a more sound judgement about the vehicle you are investing your money in. Be sure to ask what sort of depreciation the car suffers from, too. Ultimately, you’ll be able to gauge a bigger picture of the car that you are buying.

  1. Test Drive

The next step is to test drive it. There is no point in buying a vehicle that you have never tested for yourself. You may had the way it drives once you’ve handed over the cash! Avoid this mishap by asking to test drive the car with the salesman. Don’t worry – this is standard procedure! Car salesmen will be more than happy to take you out in the vehicle if they think it will increase your chances of purchasing it.

  1. Negotiate

When it comes down to the purchasing of it, do not be afraid to negotiate. It’s tricky to haggle a haggler, but be sure to give it your best shot. You should never be paying the asking price if you want to get a great used car at a decent value for money. Go in firmly but fairly and you should come out with an excellent deal. It is at this point that you should ask for the company to throw in an extended warranty or such like to offer you further peace of mind about your investment.

Hopefully, this post will keep you right when you’re next out there trying to find your new, used car. Best of luck!