Sun. Oct 17th, 2021
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7 of the Best Inventions to Try on Your Car

Finding yourself stranded on the side of the road with a dead smartphone or getting pulled over for speeding are frustrating and stressful. The good news is that there are countless gadgets available today that will prepare – and even rescue – you from the challenges that often accompany long rides in the car. Take a look at 7 of the inventions for your car you just have to try. 

car interior

Smartphone mount

If you want to ease the stress of navigation, a smartphone mount will help you out. Instead of taking your eyes off the road to look at your phone to see the directions, a mount can hold your phone with the Google Maps directions in your line of vision. There are numerous mount options available at various price points, all that keep you safer while driving and your phone near eye level and at arm’s reach.

Bluetooth car kit

It’s no longer necessary to have a new vehicleif you want to have the ability to connect a smartphone to your car via Bluetooth. Car kits like Belkin’s Bluetooth plug into the car and allow you to make calls and play music over the speakers without using your hands so you can keep them on the steering wheel.

Drop Stop

This simple accessory is really useful. How many times have you dropped change or even your keys in that spot between your seat and the center console? You never have to lose anything in that pesky gap again if you have a Drop Stop insert to fill the space! It blends in with nearly any interior color and moves bath and forth as you adjust your seat.

USB car charger

No one wants to travel with a dead phone. If your car doesn’t have a USB port, or if you prefer multiple ports, there are various options for around $10 that can help you. Make sure you always have some battery life in your smartphone! You never know when you made need to make a call or turn to it for driving directions. 

GPS tracker

A GPS tracker has the ability to connect with a smartphone to monitor your vehicle so you are aware of its location at any given time. This invaluable gadget is a simple and effective solution that is ideal for parents who want to know where their teens are whether they’re driving junk cars or expensive ones. A GPS tracker can also be helpful if someone attempts to steal your car.

Radar detector

You should not speed, but if you have the tendency to get a lead food, a radar detector can clue you in on speed traps. Radar detectors aren’t cheap, but they can save you a lot of money on speeding tickets. 

Blind spot mirrors

The newest cars offer a lot of great features, and one of them is the blind spot alert function. This feature is a light build right into a sideview mirror that alerts you if a car is located in your blind spot. Even if you drive an older car, you can replicate this function by adding blind spot mirrors. Are you ready for the best news? They’re available for less than $10.

Improve your driving experience with the help of these gadgets so you are as prepared as possible for anything the road may throw your way.