Sun. Aug 1st, 2021
Sensible Drive

Encourage Your Teen To Become A Sensible Driver With These Great Tips

Most parents start to panic when their teenager decides to learn to drive. After all, there are regularly horror stories in the news about fatal crashes caused by reckless teenage drivers. However, it doesn’t have to be like that, and there is no reason why your teen shouldn’t become a very safe and sensible driver. In fact, if you help them to learn to drive, you will find that it is even possible to teach them good driving habits. How do you do that? Well, just follow these great tips, and you will find that your child becomes a responsible driver in no time at all!

Sensible Drive

Show By Example

You need to be a good driver yourself so that your child learns from your good example. If you are very short-tempered when you are behind the wheel and end up suffering from road rage, there is a good chance that you will pass this habit onto your child. Not only that, though, but if your teenager regularly sees you take risks when out on the road and are a reckless driver, then they will also be much more likely to show risky behavior when they start driving themselves. So remember to stay calm and sensible when you are in the driver’s seat so that your child learns from your good example.

Ensure They Get At Least 65 Hours Of Lessons

You can take your child out driving under your supervision, but they will also benefit from some official driving lessons before they take their driving test. Lots of studies show that learners need at least 65 hours of lessons, ideally with you and a professional driving instructor. This way, your teenager will get plenty of experience out on the road before they take their test and go out driving on their own.

Teach Them About Car Maintenance

As well as helping them get as much driving experience as possible, it is also important that your child knows everything there is to know about the basics of car maintenance. Otherwise, they might end up driving an unsafe car without realizing it, which could put their safety at risk. So make sure that know that they should carry out some simple checks before they head out in their car. These tests should be things like checking the oil level and making sure that the lights all work properly. They should also be able to do simple maintenance tasks like refill oil and change a tyre. For anything else, it is important that they know when they need to call a mechanic.

Teach The Rules Of The Road

There are many rules of the road which are in place to keep drivers and all road users safe when they are out on them. Most of these detail what each road sign means. It is hugely important that your child knows all of these so that they can safely use the roads without putting anyone’s life at risk. So encourage your child to study all this theory alongside their practical practice.