Thu. Jan 21st, 2021

Head to Toe Gear – Without Empty Pockets

A helmet is a critical component to any rider’s wardrobe. However, you need a lot more to be comfortable on those long drives. Here is a great outfit you should consider any time you hop onboard your bike.

Bell Scout Air Helmet

This helmet has a clean, practical design, so it helps you maintain a low profile. It is lightweight, and it is the perfect color for any rider. It comes in five shell sizes, so get whichever one fits your head best.

Fly Racing Focus Goggles

You need some kind of eye protection whether you are driving down the freeway or off-roading. These goggles guarantee a safe, fun ride, and they come in various colors.

Joe Rocket Classic ’92 Leather Jacket

Motorcycle riding jackets do much more than look stylish. They also protect you in case you fall over. This leather jacket has a great vintage look, and it comes with plenty of reflecting striping to ensure you can be seen any time of day.

O’Neal Butch Carbon Fiber Motorcycle Glove

It can be intense to leave your hands open to the elements on a motorcycle. Invest in these incredible motorcycle riding gloves that come with individual knuckles and polycarbonate, ballistic coverage.

Klim Adventure Rally Pants 

These pants are newly redesigned, and they will keep you comfy whether it is winter or summer. The primary outer material contains waterproof capabilities, and it also features tear and abrasion resistance.

Tour Master Response 3.0 Boots 

You do not want to neglect your feet when you hit the road. These boots have a gas and oil resistant sole, so when you need to step down off the bike, you can be confident you will not slip. They also come with a dual high-density foam ankle that provides additional protection.

The right motorcycle gear does much more than make you look stylish. They may just prevent injury in the event of a crash.