Sun. Aug 1st, 2021
teen driver

How Safe Out on the Roads is Your Teen?

You know as a parent that your teen means the world to you.

With that being the case, you no doubt worry about them with regularity.

If your teen is learning how to drive or has only been on the roads for a short time, how safe will they be?

teen driver

Even with the best driver’s education, you may feel as if your teen does not have all the protection they need on the road.

So, are there ways you can go about making it safer for them when they do get behind the wheel?

Road Safety Can’t Be Taken for Granted

In doing your best to make sure your teenager is as safe as possible on the roads, remember these pointers:

  1. Vehicle of choice – Are you allowing your teen to drive the family vehicle? Will you be purchasing a car or truck for them? Is your teenager getting their own vehicle with money they’ve saved from working a part-time job? No matter the vehicle your teenager drives, you want it to be in as good working shape as possible. That said go through the vehicle from front to back to see what type of condition it is in. If there are problems with things like brakes, tires and more, get them corrected as soon as possible. The last thing you want is having your teen operating a vehicle that could be an accident waiting to happen.
  1. Vehicle features – What kind of safety features does a vehicle your teen will drive offer? For instance, does it offer backup camera systems for safety? That type of system allows your teen to peruse all that is behind them when they go in reverse. If there is another vehicle moving behind them when they go in reverse, the system will point it out. If a pedestrian happens to come behind the vehicle when your teen backs up, they will have an alert. The system even works to help prevent your teen from hitting any stationery objects. The bottom line is your teen will be safer when he or she can better see any and all objects behind them. Remember, even an accident at slow speeds can mean injuries and damages to one or more vehicles.
  2. Vehicle distractions –Though an auto may not offer distractions, your teen might. As an example, does your teen have an addiction to their smartphone? If they do, that phone can prove deadly at one point or another. Make sure your teen knows the gravity of the matter with phones and distracted driving. Remind them that no call or text is worth the possibility of an accident. In many instances, those accidents can end up with fatal consequences.

Working with Your Teen is a Never-Ending Job

Even once your teen has been driving for a year or two, the learning never ends.

Some teens get too comfortable behind the wheel and feel they will never have an accident. In doing this, they throw a little bit too much caution to the wind.

With countless accidents on a daily basis, make sure your teen does not lose their edge in safe driving.

If you have younger children who will also be driving sooner than later, your older teen can be a good role model. He or she can show their younger sibling or siblings what road safety is all about.

In keeping your teen as safe as they can be out on the roads, will you have the drive to keep them learning?