Wed. Jan 27th, 2021
When you get into a car accident

How To Act When You’ve Had A Car Accident

When you get into a car accident, you can often start to panic, even if it’s just a small bump. Even when you’re trying to be as safe on the roads as you possibly can be, the actions of other drivers, severe weather conditions, or even just unfortunate circumstances can mean that you get involved in an accident anyway. When it happens, it’s always difficult to know what to do. Whether you get into a panic and forget how to act, or aren’t quite sure what your responsibilities are in the first place, these steps are generally helpful to follow.

When you get into a car accident

Stay Calm

Although it may be difficult, especially if the accident you’ve just been involved in is a little bit more than just a bump, it’s important to try and remain as calm as possible. When you’re calm, you’re able to work out exactly what action to take next, but when you panic, you could end up getting yourself into more danger, or even making a poor judgment, like driving away without stopping to speak to the others involved – which is never a good idea.

Check Everyone Is Okay

Next up, you need to start thinking about everyone involved. First of all, if you’re okay, make sure that you’re not hurt in any way. If you’re able to move, check that any passengers in your car are free from harm too. At this point, you’re also going to want to call any emergency services that you may need, and the police as they will need to be informed. Then, you’re going to need to get out of the car, if it’s safe to do so, and check on the other car(s) involved.

Exchange Details

Once you’ve checked on the other driver (or drivers) and passengers, you’re going to want to make sure that they are also taken care of emergency service wise and then discuss details. Hopefully, you will both know what happened and can admit where the fault lied, regardless as to whether it is with you or the other drive. Then, you’re going to need to exchange contact and insurance details so you can start looking into legal representation for your car accident should you need it.

Get Checked Out

By now, the emergency services should be with you so that any injured passengers (or even pedestrians) can be checked out. You’ll want to speak to the cops and tell them exactly what happened as your insurer and lawyer may need to refer to the case. At this point, even if you think you’re okay, you might want to think about getting checked out at the hospital too, just to make sure you’re not in shock, have a concussion, or any other delayed injuries that have been passed over by adrenaline.

Book Your Car In

Once you’re home and settled, you’re then going to want to look into getting your car roadworthy again. Whether you were in a small scrape or a large scale car accident, your car will need repairs. Having swapped details with the other driver, you should now know who was at fault and how your repairs will be paid for. So, make sure you get your car booked into the dealer or auto shop and keep in contact with the insurer to make sure things are on track.