Sat. May 8th, 2021
Stolen Four-Wheeler

How to File a Claim For Your Stolen Four-Wheeler?

In India, having a valid car insurance policy is a legal compulsion. However, with a myriad of options available, buying suitable car insurance has become simple. You can search for the best car insurance online, as you will be able to compare other policies with the help of a car insurance premium calculator. You can also renew the car insurance policy quickly. A comprehensive four wheeler insurance policy provides adequate coverage against damage or loss. To be able to cover the financial losses from the damage or theft of your four-wheeler, you should know how to file an insurance claim.

Car theft is a common problem in many parts of the world as well as in India. Getting a motor insurance policy is an effective way of staying two steps ahead.

Steps to Follow When Filing a Claim for your Stolen Four-wheeler:

1-File an FIR at the nearest police station:

As soon as you discover the theft of your car, file a First Information Report at the nearest police station as soon as possible. Filing an FIR is a crucial step as it will provide you with the FIR document, a prerequisite for filing a claim successfully.

2-Inform your insurer:

After registering the FIR, inform your car insurance company about your stolen car. Every insurance company has its claim filing process and its set of formalities for stolen-car claims. You must ensure that you contact the insurance company within a reasonable time frame.

3-Contact the RTO:

According to the law, you will also have to contact the nearest Regional Transport Office (RTO) about the stolen car. After getting in touch with the RTO, collect the transfer documents and other relevant papers from them.

4-Car-theft claim form:

Call your insurance company’s customer service centre and submit the completed claim form after filling in the relevant information such as the policy number, car details, etc. Also, be sure to mention details regarding the incident (the time, date and description).

5-Submit essential documents:

These documents are – a copy of your car’s registration certificate, the filled-out claim form, your driving license, FIR, a theft intimation letter addressed to the RTO and the first two pages of the policy document.


Once the police submit a final ‘non-traceable report’ and the claim for your stolen car is approved, it is necessary that you transfer your car’s registration certificate to the insurance company along with the duplicate or original car keys. Another important document needed here is a letter

of subrogation that will enable your insurer to hold the real culprit accountable for the loss of your car.


You will need to provide the car repair’s original invoice and the payment receipts to the insurer. After these steps are carried out, the reimbursement is provided to the policyholder. After the surveyor approves an amount in the report, the compensation is paid out within seven working days.

How Much Does the Policyholder Get in the Case of Car Theft?

After the claim is approved, the policyholder receives an amount equal to the stolen car’s monetary value if the vehicle is not recovered. However, one needs a valid comprehensive car insurance policy that covers the theft of the car. Since third-party insurance does not cover such damages, you cannot avail of this coverage under a liability-only insurance policy.

Hence, it is necessary to have a car insurance policy that protects you against different types of damage to your vehicle, including total damage and theft.

Can the Claim Get Rejected?

Insurance companies have a set of rules that you must learn about as they are integral for a smooth claim process. For instance, an insurer may reject a claim that has been filed at a much later date than it should have been. Generally, most insurance companies have a standard deadline within which a claim must be filed.

Apart from filing the claim late, the insurer can also reject the claim for different reasons. Suppose the surveyor finds out that the car’s windows were left open or the car wasn’t properly locked when it was parked, then it will count as deliberate damage on the part of the policyholder. Another reason for a rejected claim could be if you have purchased a second-hand car, but the transferred insurance documents do not contain your details. In such a case, the policy is deemed invalid, and subsequently, the claim is rejected.

If you are genuinely unable to trace your stolen car, then ensure that you procure the No-Trace Report from the police. With the help of this document, you have a better chance of filing a successful claim. Though acquiring the report from the authorities takes as long as a month’s time, ensure that it is not missing from your claim process.


The experience of having your car stolen can lead to a lot of emotional and mental stress. However, if the claim process is hassle-free and quick, it can reduce the inconvenience of losing your car. Therefore, always remember the right steps to take if you are faced with such an untoward situation.