Sun. Sep 19th, 2021
Boat’s Living Space

How To Optimize Your Boat’s Living Space

When you’re designing your boat’s living space, you get to imagine the adventures ahead and plan how your living areas will enhance your experiences. Your layout and design will depend on the size of your boat, your budget, your unique style and the intended use of your vessel. Regardless of what you’re working with, living space on a boat is at a premium. To really enjoy the time you spend in your nautical home, you need a cohesive and functional design concept.

Zone Your Living Spaces

Compared to standard residences, boats pack more into smaller spaces. Since there’s less square footage to work with, rooms on boats often need to be multifunctional. Thinking about each functional area as a zone helps maintain the separation that you’d have in a home while ensuring you have space for each need.

Topside, that could look like separate zones for operating the boat, dining, and lounging with boat furniture outdoor living. If you have the extra space, you can also set aside areas for soaking up the sun or relaxing around an outdoor bar. Your interior living space should also be broken down into zones, especially because the main room will often serve the majority of your needs. This will likely include space for preparing food, eating, and relaxing. If you don’t have separate cabins for sleeping or need additional bed space, you can create sleeping zones along the sides of your living space as well.

Create Harmony

Separating your living space optimize the functionality of your nautical home, but you don’t want to enforce that separation with divergent design elements. The style of your zones should work together to create a sense of harmony in your living space. You can accomplish this in your outdoor areas by using the same materials across the zones and choosing boat furniture with the same style and color scheme. Popular choices for the interior of your living space include light and bright colors to make small spaces seem larger. Choose accessories and finishes that complement one another through similar styles, colors or materials. It helps to choose a broader style to work around, such as mid-century modern, modern or boho.

Designing your boat can be tricky. You’re working with limited space, and it’s easy to overpower your living areas by packing in too much or using bulky furniture. By designing your space according to harmonious living zones, you can get the most out of your nautical adventures.