Mon. Jun 14th, 2021
Organize Your Garage

How To Organize Your Garage

If your garage looks more like a disaster than a space to work on your car, it’s time to organize it. Spring is a perfect time to evaluate the garage. Warmer temperatures make working outside inviting. Plan to spend one weekend organizing, storing, cleaning and discarding items in the garage. Your car may finally fit in the garage.


Run your own pit or enhance the functionality of your garage with extreme tools toolboxes. Storing tools in toolboxes makes it easier for you to access them when you need them. Each drawer or cabinet can be designated for a specific type of tool. Extreme tools make theirs easier to move around by putting them on wheels. Your tools are within easy reach as you work on your car or project. The toolbox easily stores against the wall when not in use or beneath a work bench. Hang bicycles out of the way with hooks placed off to the side.

Overhead Storage

Overhead storage takes advantage of the available space by storing less used items off the floor. Storing items in bins makes taking things down and replacing them easier. Since they are overhead, there is still room to park most vehicles beneath them. This Old House offers tips on what not to store in your garage such as dog food and propane tanks.

Wall Space

The garage comes with walls that can be utilized for neat organization. Hooks, pegboards and shelving can make the most of your space. Small storage bins can be stored on shelves with other like items. Tools such as hammers, shovels and rakes can be hung from hooks or on a peg board. Use open shelves to maintain order instead of cabinets that can hide disorganization behind their closed doors.

Lockable Cabinet

For items that you need locked away, a cabinet with a lock on it is a nice addition to any garage. While many toolboxes come equipped with a lock, there are other items you want out of reach of small children and pets. Lawn chemicals, pest control products, chemicals, dangerous objects and paint are some items to store in a locked cabinet.

Park in your garage or store that classic car you just bought. With an organized and clean space, you can work on your vehicle regardless of the weather. Reclaim the garage and enjoy knowing where everything is you need. A well-organized garage can save you money not purchasing things you already own but cannot find.