Sun. Oct 17th, 2021
Road Trip In Australia

How to Prepare for a Successful Road Trip In Australia

From a short-day trip to crazy 4×4 adventures, you must be well-prepared for the Australian road trips. These road trips usually range in difficulty and length, covering almost all types of landscape. Driving through Australia can be an unforgettable experience considering that you’ll have the occasion to experience various routes, alluring landscapes, ancient sites and country towns. To take most out of the Australian road trip experience, we recommend you to arm yourself with patience for the long distances, have a good grasp of the Australian road rules and prepare necessary safety tips. That means you should undergo some serious preparations for every area you’ll encounter. Given the hectic times we live in, it can be very easy to forget a simple routine vehicle service. Those planning to take off across Australia might need to undergo some serious preparation, especially if they’ve never driven through those breath-taking Australian landscapes. The following preparation tips might come in handy if you don’t know where to start:

Set Up Your Time and Establish a Destination

We know how tempting it can be sometimes to set some long driving day across Australia, but this is actually not a great idea. It might be fun at the beginning but during your trip, you may encounter tiredness and a lot of stress because you can never be sure of what you can encounter along your way. A good plan would be to set a time and a destination so you can get the most out of this experience without stressing yourself out. Expert drivers would recommend you to cut your driving time in half so you can appreciate the journey to your destination and have enough time to stop and enjoy the things along the way. Choosing your destination will help you sort out what type of gear you’ll need for your trip and what could you expect along the way.

Choose a Route

The more maps you have the merrier and safe your trip will be. A great idea would be to make use of both mapping apps and an old classic map so you can gain a better perspective of the area you’ll be travelling and distances. For those who’ve never experienced Australia and still are in doubts regarding the mapping efficiency, we recommend you to use Hema Maps if you wish a full coverage of every fuel stop, road situations, warnings and local places of interest.

But even though these maps are extremely accurate it would be a wise act to spend a couple of hours studying the paper maps so you can get a better understanding of your itinerary. In case of your devices run out of power, a classic paper map might be the wisest choice so far. Once, you’ve sorted out your journey make sure you highlight every possible fuel stops and side-trips, also you should make copies of your itinerary so your family or someone else can have a clue where you may be in case of emergency.

Prepare Your Vehicle

Before strategizing your journey through Australia, the next you should do would be to prepare your 4×4 for every road condition. Stick to a minimum service routine or even better you can ask an experienced 4×4 mechanic to make sure everything goes as planned. Be more transparent with your mechanic about where you plan to travel because you’ll never know what challenges you might encounter in the rough Australian desserts.

A detailed check-up will help you avoid unpleasant situation along your trip. Most probably your mechanic will advise you on the mods you’ll need for the journey, such as a second extra wheel, appropriate recovery kit and even shock absorbers for better control of the up-and-down motion in a system. Besides an initial mechanical check, the electrical parts of your vehicle should not be forgotten. Any auto-electrician will recommend you to pack up a dependable power source such as a power pack or a dual-battery setup. Keep in mind that checking-up your car won’t finish once you’ve started the road trip, you should undergo daily check-ups on your engine and brake fluids, wheels pressure and battery levels regardless of your route and road conditions.

Work on Your 4WD Skills

Knowing how to drive a 4×4 in crazy environments require great skills and courage. Undoubtedly this can be the most enjoyable experience so far, but you should have at least 16 days of training. Having a driving license doesn’t mean you know how to best use your vehicle. To make sure you get the most out of your off-road experience you must improve your driving skills. Most of the experienced drivers, highly advise you to take at least a couple of weeks of assisted training.

Be More Diligent in Preparations

What you pack and how much you pack can have a great influence on your road trip. And because there is no off-road journey without cooking or enjoying a barbeque in the middle of nowhere, you should make sure you pack the most convenient kitchen gear and the necessary accessories you can easily store in your cargo drawers. Nobody can stop you from having the best experience ever, but you should take into consideration laws and fire restrictions in every area you pass. As you know it already, a good driver won’t stop checking up his vehicle the moment he listed everything.

A perfect road trip is one where you’ve prepared everything from spare food, spare energy, a good understanding of the terrain and safety measures. Driving in Australia can be very easy on most of the routes, especially when you’re a connoisseur of Australian roads and laws. But regardless of your driving experience, you should not underestimate the importance of diligent preparation, safety measures and patience. To get the most out of the wide-open spaces of Australia, establish your routes carefully and make sure your car is in a suitable condition.