Thu. Oct 28th, 2021

Is It Time for Your Teen to Drive?

As a parent, when do you come to the conclusion it is the right time for your teenager to learn how to drive? This can prove to be a tricky task for many parents.

That said know when the timing is right for this important step in your teen’s life and yours for that matter.

So, is it time for your teenager to drive?

Making Sure They Are Responsible

Before you ever start looking at autos to buy, make sure your teen is ready to drive.

In looking at this key piece of the puzzle, check off the following before they get behind the wheel:

  • Are they responsible enough? – Given teens mature at different levels, be sure yours can handle driving. Does he or she seem to understand the importance of what comes with a driver’s license? If you have reservations on them being able to handle these responsibilities, it may be best to wait.
  • Will distractions get in the way? – Another concern you need to check off your list is if your teenager gets easily distracted. The last place you ever want them distracted is when they are out on the road behind the wheel. It is critical that they are always focusing on the road ahead of them. Distractions are using a phone while driving, road rage and others that lead to accidents.

What Vehicle Will Your Teen Be Driving?

Once you have the feel your teen is ready to drive, what vehicle will they get when they have their license?

If you are sensing you need more than the family vehicle, will you go out and look to buy your teenager a used car or truck? In the event you said yes, make sure you do your homework.

In searching for the right used auto, you want to be sure you know as much as possible about any vehicle you consider.

One way to get some details on a used vehicle is when you do a free license plate lookup.

When you lookup plates, it makes it easier to learn key details about the car or truck you have an interest in. By knowing as much as possible about the vehicle, you can make a better decision on buying it or moving on to the next one.

You want a vehicle that is not only well-built, but your teenager will be as safe as possible in.

Last, be sure your kid takes responsibility for the care and maintenance of the vehicle.

While you should not expect them to pay any maintenance or repair bills, they can chip in with the following:

  • Paying for gas
  • Making sure the vehicle gets regular oil changes and other such needs
  • Washing the vehicle and cleaning the inside
  • Checking the tires to make sure they are properly inflated

By having your teen be a part of the vehicle care, you allow them to grow up a little faster and take some pressure off of you.

So, when will your teen get behind the wheel?