Thu. Oct 28th, 2021
road trip

Making Space: Holidaying in the Right Vehicle

We love big cars in the US. The best-selling automobile model in this country is the heavy-duty Ford F-Series. It has, in fact, been the best-selling vehicle in the US for 32 years. We have big families, and we love to travel across the nation, so it makes sense to drive big. Doesn’t it?

road trip

The fact is, big vehicles tend to be more expensive, and their appetite for fuel is unstoppable. People conscious of the environment are investing in smaller rides. Americans are also enjoying less and less holiday time. The efficacy of big cars seems to be on the decline.

If you’re yet to buy your vehicle, it’s likely you’re torn between going big and going small. Is holiday travelling a criterium in your car choice? Then you should take into account how often you’ll be travelling. If you’re planning on going for short travels on a frequent basis, it may be best to opt for a smaller car. This will be cheaper to run and better for the environment.

Will you go for longer trips on a less frequent basis, but still a few times a year? You may have more leeway when it comes to space and comfort. You may want to consider a recreational vehicle. With so many RV camping grounds available in the US, it could save you a lot of money on accommodation. If you’re in the St Louis area, there are great facilities for RV viewing and test drives. Read more at

If you’re sticking with the smaller vehicle option, good for you! It doesn’t mean you can’t bring a lot of stuff with you. People often overestimate how much room they need in a vehicle. Many drivers in the United States are using SUVs and pickup trucks that they don’t need.

The best option to explore is a trailer hook-up, like the ones at It’s possible you’ve been discouraged from looking into this in the past. We’re willing to bet it was a car salesman trying to get you to buy a bigger vehicle that would net them more profit!

If you’re only going on holiday once or twice a year, then it’s not worth the cost of purchasing and maintaining a larger car for that purpose. Hooking a trailer up to your car is a great way to bring cargo while saving money and fuel. You can get trailers big enough to walk around in, but it might be too big for your purposes. Search for small car trailers and you should be able to find one suited to you in no time. If you’re feeling handy, you can try building your own to ensure you’ve got the right fit. You may want to drive around in a familiar area once you’ve hooked it up, to get yourself used to maneuvering with that extra length.

Rooftop cargo carriers are also an excellent choice. A good one will fit a deceptively large amount of stuff in it! These are an even cheaper option than trailers. Just remember the added height of your vehicle when travelling!

Always in need of a roomy vehicle? Our list of the roomiest minivans of 2015 may be of help to you!