Thu. Sep 16th, 2021
Dream car

Money Shouldn’t Stop You From Buying Your Dream Car

If you’ve recently passed your test, or your current car is getting old, then the prospect of getting out on the road in a brand new car can be both exciting and incredibly daunting, simultaneously. You’ve done all the hard work by actually learning how to drive, but now you’re faced with the horrible truth that actually financing the means to drive is even more expensive than the lessons.

Dream car

So what’s the solution? Well, it all depends on the individual situation. Some might tell you not to bother with your dream car just yet, and to instead invest in a cheaper model. For some people, that may be the ideal choice. However, if that doesn’t quite match up to what you want from your next car, there may be a way to work around any financial restrictions holding you back.


  • Monthly payments aren’t always scary.


There are so many different kinds of finance deals available to you from car retailers and other forms of financing companies, so it really shouldn’t be a problem to find the perfect one for you.

Maybe you need a zero percent deal, because you know you can afford a fixed set of monthly payments, but your financial situation puts you in a position whereby unpredictable interest rates could end up being unaffordable at some point in the future. The price you agree to pay at the very beginning is the only price you will have to pay. This is a very favourable position for many, as it allows planning time to get together the exact financing needed to afford that dream car, without the additional fear of ever having to pay more than that agreed amount.

Of course, if the zero percent deals you see on offer are still quite far out of your realistic price range, then there are other car financing arrangements which may lie somewhere within your financial realm of possibility. A hire purchase means you essentially ‘loan’ the car through payments of the balance plus interest, and you officially become the ‘owner’ of that car once the final payment is made.


  • Bad credit doesn’t have to stop you from taking out a loan.


Perhaps the above options weren’t for you. However, one thing that stops most people from taking a personal loan in order to afford their dream vehicle is the menacing concept of ‘bad credit’. Still, this doesn’t have to be something which deters you from getting the new car you need. If you search around a little, you might find that there is a bad credit auto loan out there with your name on it. Don’t give up if you’re put off by the first loan offer you find based on your credit score, because there might be someone out there willing to offer you a better deal in terms of a fairer interest rate.

A tricky financial situation might cost you a little more time when it comes to researching this sort of thing, but there is often a way out, no matter how impossible it may seem to afford the car of your dreams.