Thu. Oct 28th, 2021

New Home Checklist

When you purchase a new home there is no shortage of tasks to complete. From moving trucks to furniture purchases you will be juggling a lot for a few weeks or months. Check out the information below to assist you as you embark upon this big move.

1. Make it Secure

One essential step after you have purchased a home is to make it secure. This means not wanting the prior owners to have access to the house. You can often accomplish this by hiring locksmith services Orlando to change your locks for you. Do not overlook changing security and garage door codes. Additionally, contact the alarm company to update them with your information, if you plan to keep the same company for your alarm services.

2. Connect Utilities

Having the utilities changed to your name is essential to ensuring you have heat and water after you finalize your purchase of the proper. Most utility companies will allow you to change them for the date of your closing so that you will have their services immediately and won’t have to go without them for hours or days.

3. Review the Home Inspection Report

Many issues are brought up in a home inspection report that are seen as minor and not repaired by the seller. When deciding which repairs to make once you become the owner, it may be wise to start with the problems identified by your home inspector. Addressing some issues quickly could be the key to keeping you from spending thousands of dollars to remedy the problem later on.

4. Check Safety Detectors

Go around your new house and test all of the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors to ensure they are in working condition. One general rule of thumb is to keep a working smoke detector on each floor of your home. However, you really cannot have too many, so add as many as you feel are necessary. Ensure they all have working batteries and test them monthly.

5. Have Some Fun

You purchased a home to enjoy it, so make the home your own by sprucing it up a bit. Freshen up or change the paint, rip out old rugs and add some decor to really make the space your own.

While purchasing a home requires time and effort, it is also a joyous time in life. Before you kick back and enjoy your new place, make sure it is secure, connect the utilities, review your home inspection and check the safety detectors.