Fri. Jun 18th, 2021
Driving Test

Read This Article, If You Want to Clear Your Theory Paper for Driving Test

In order to obtain your driving license in the USA, not only you need to clear practical driving test but clear a theory paper as well. If you are interested to pass your theory test with top marks then you must read the tips mentioned below.

  1. Book your name for theory test

It may sound obvious but many people often keep it for last minute and get disappointed. There are a number of test centers in the country and hence you must book your name well in advance on their official website.

  1. Read the books thoroughly

During the test you will be asked 50 questions with multiple choices and you have to score minimum 43 in order to qualify. There are few handbooks available which will prepare you well for such test. Therefore, you must read this book thoroughly besides doing driving practice.

  1. Brush up hazard spotting

After completing multiple-choice questions, you will be appearing for hazard perception test. Here there will be number of video clips with variety of hazards that you need to identify. If you are interested for more information about hazard perception test, you can visit the website.

  1. Do enough practice with model paper

In order to score good marks in the written test, you need to spend hours on practicing various model papers as well as hazard perception test. This will give you enough confidence while appearing for the actual test. You must remember that in order to clear the theory paper you must get 43 marks out of 50 in the multiple-choice test and 44 out of 75 in the hazard perception test. You must practice under pressure so that it will help you to be more relaxed and confident during the actual test.

  1. Arrive at test center well in advance

Try to reach the examination center at least 15 minutes before the schedule time so that you have plenty of time to relax yourself. It will help you to appear for the test without any stress.

  1. Don’t forget to carry your ID card and provisional license

You must carry all the necessary papers that are needed before appearing for driving test. As a matter of fact, you must keep all these ready a night before appearing for the test so that there may not be last minute confusion if any of the papers are not traceable.

  1. Make use of practice time

Before the start of actual test, 15 minutes are given for warming up yourself for the test so that you get familiar with the touch screen and the layout of the test paper. Make sure that everything is working properly. Raise alarm if anything is found not working.

  1. Avoid answering tricky questions first

While answering the questions, click on the answers which you are pretty sure about and flag those questions which are a bit tricky. When you are done with the whole paper then spend time on tricky questions.