Fri. Jun 18th, 2021
Leasing Your Next Car

The Benefits of Leasing Your Next Car

Are you in the market for a new car? How are you going to finance the vehicle? Have considered the benefits of using a lease agreement for the finance deal? Lease agreements make a lot of sense when you look at the advantages they present over traditional hire purchase agreements. If you are interested in driving more value for your money and paying less to do so, then consider these five benefits of signing a lease agreement on your visit to the dealership.

Leasing Your Next Car

The Benefits of Leasing your Next Vehicle

#1 Minimal Deposit and Low Payments

When you finance a new car with a hire purchase agreement, you take on the entire vehicle cost, less the deposit. This financing option leads to a sizable monthly installment. With a lease agreement, you are only financing the depreciation in the vehicle over the lease term. Therefore; the lease installment will be far less than the monthly payment for the hire purchase agreement.

The lease allows you to get a cheaper monthly installment that saves on your monthly car expense. You could also use the savings to upgrade your current model of car to something sportier or luxurious. Most lease agreements have a favorable low down payment, saving you, even more, money that you can allocate to other monthly expenses in your budget.

#2 Next to No Running Costs

A lease requires you to keep the car in running condition. The monthly lease payment includes a servicing fee. Therefore the only out-of-pocket expenses that you will be liable for will be gas and tires.

#3 Drive a New Car without the Hassle

Why wait for five years to own your car outright, when you can have a new car every three years? When your lease term expires, take your vehicle back to the leasing agent and negotiate terms on a new model. This way you can get behind the wheel of a new car, without the hassle of saving for a deposit or worrying about an escalating payment. Leasing takes the hassle out of owning a new car and keeps you behind the wheel of the latest models at a fraction of the price of owning a new vehicle.

#4 Avoid Maintenance Expenses

The maintenance cycle of a car starts after 50,000 miles. Expensive mechanical failures occur after this threshold, and the repairs on your vehicle may end up costing you more than a monthly car payment.

#5 Does Ownership Matter?

The only place where owning your car matters is in your mind. If you can surmount the hurdle of ownership, you will be able to save more money on your annual vehicle expenses. Many people want to own their car outright because they believe it will save them money when it is paid off. However, cars still end up costing for their maintenance, and they lose up to 85% of their value over five years. The fact is that your vehicle is a depreciating asset that will only end up being a drain on your cash flow in the future. Step out of the traditional model of ownership and into a new vehicle lease. Get more value for your money and drive the car you want.

In Closing

With all of these benefits, it just makes good sense to lease your next vehicle. There are lease finance specialists available to help you understand the terms of the agreement and get you the best deal possible. Visit a professional agent like to negotiate the lease on your next vehicle. Using a specialized service will help you get out on the road behind the wheel of your dream car. Add value and save money with lease finance and get the wheels you deserve at the best price possible.