Sun. Jan 17th, 2021
fixing the car

The Best Methods To Keep Your Car From Getting Stolen

Keeping your car safe is paramount if you don’t want all that money to go to waste. And, let’s face it – it is a massive inconvenience. But, it is a reality because there are thieves out there that will gladly hotwire your motor. Your job, as a car owner, is to make sure that no one takes your car without your permission. Although that sounds easier said than done, it is possible. All you need are the right safety features and the right mindset.

fixing the car

Park It In The Garage

Garages are a Godsend as far keeping your car safe goes because it makes them less of a target. The thing you need to remember is that a thief probably could steal your car. But, they won’t if they think it is too much of a risk. For them, it is the bigger the risk, the bigger the chance of ending up in jail. For that reason, most thieves won’t try and steal a car from a garage. Plus, you can add safety features to the garage to make it more secure.

Install A Driveway Alarm

Another great safety measure is a driveway alarm. As the name suggests, it is an alarm that you install in your driveway. When anyone breaks that alarm, a warning bell triggers and alerts you to intruders. If these intruders try to take your car, the chances are they will leave it and run for their lives. They are also a good way to increase the safety of your entire home. There are plenty of options to choose from, but as long as you choose one your car will be fine.

Keep it In Good Shape

Maintaining your car is an occupational hazard of being a driver. But, it is also a good way to deter thieves. Although they like new cars over old ones, they also know that well-maintained cars are harder to steal. Any car owner that keeps their car in good condition is likely to take its security seriously. These are the type of cars that thieves like to avoid because there are always easier pickings. It doesn’t matter how nice it is because it isn’t worth the risk.

Don’t Have An Alarm System Sticker

Some car guides will tell you that you should point out to thieves that your car has an alarm. That is a bad idea because it gives them vital information. The sticker tells them what kind of car alarm your car has, and they can use their knowledge to disarm it and drive it away. Instead, use visual aids that will act as a deterrent. A steering lock, for example, is a good deterrent. It doesn’t matter if they can see it as they still need to bypass the lock. And, that is easier said than done.

Drive A Manual

Lots of people can’t drive a manual car, which is good from your point of view. That means that you can decrease the chances of theft by driving stick. If they can’t drive stick, there is no point in stealing it in the first place.