Thu. Oct 28th, 2021
Moving Overseas With Your Car

Top Tips For Moving Overseas With Your Car

Snapping up that dream job on the other side of the world does not mean that you have to leave your pride and joy at home. If you are only moving to the next continent, it can end up being more cost effective than selling it and trying to find another.

Moving Overseas With Your Car

Moving to a new house is stressful enough as it is. If you have spent years trying to find exactly the right model of car at exactly the right price it can be heart-breaking to leave it behind, You may never be able to replace it, so why not take it with you?

Here are some tips for taking your car with you when you move overseas.

Decide how you are going to get there

There are two possible options. You can ship the car to your new destination or you can drive it there yourself. Don’t forget that legally you need to tell the DVLA that you are planning on taking your car overseas. This applies even if you are using the Eurotunnel to continental Europe. This is classed as ‘exporting’ the car so you have to complete a V5 registration document giving the date of export.

The DVLA will issue you with a V561 certificate of export and you need to have all the paperwork in place at least two weeks before your intended date of departure.

Driving to your new overseas home

Driving to your new overseas home is a big adventure but there are preparations that you need to make for your journey. Take your car into a garage for a quick service. It will include checks on your brakes, headlights and mirrors and tyres. Make sure that your spare tyre (if your vehicle has one) is in good condition and pop a first-aid kit in the boot in case of an emergency.

This is likely to be a very long journey so have plenty of supplies with you. This should include drinks and snacks and plenty of entertainment if you have kids with you.

Arranging to ship your car to your new home

Start hunting for a reputable shipping company early on. This is not the time to go bargain hunting, instead you need value for money. The cheapest deal is not necessarily the best and as with many things, you get what you pay for.

Companies that will ship your car from door to door are preferable to those that merely ship from terminal to terminal. It cuts down on a lot of stress.

Arranging insurance

Most shipping companies will cover the car whilst it is in their possession. However, if you are driving yourself you will need to have adequate car insurance in place.

Make sure you know exactly what your shipping insurance covers as some makes and models may not be included.

Once you arrive at your new home you will need to find an insurance company in that country to cover your car and this should be in place before you arrive.