Fri. Jun 18th, 2021

What Are The Chances Of Being In A Car Accident, And How Can You Avoid This?

Driving a car is part of daily routine for nearly everyone, and it’s something many take for granted and don’t think much about. But with the power and force being controlled manually, there are certain risks you put yourself in when travelling in one. We all know how dangerous driving can be, but being particularly aware of certain aspects can make you much safer.


Drink Driving

It is estimated that nearly ⅓ of road accidents are caused by alcohol or drugs in some way, making this a big problem in society. It takes an hour for each unit of alcohol to leave the body, and as most countries have a limit of 3 units to be legally allowed to drive, you can easily be over the limit.

Driving drunk will affect your driving capabilities; you are more likely to take risks, less able to make correct judgments, and find it difficult to concentrate fully on the road ahead of you. Being caught drunk driving can lead to having your licence revoked, a fine and a possible jail sentence; Michael Brown is the right attorney for your car accident if you do need legal help, whether you were the driver or the victim.

Mobile Phone

It is very common to see people talking or texting on their mobile phones while driving, as people seem in denial about the risks that this may cause. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration have estimated that over 3000 people are killed in the US by distracted driving a year, so this is another major concern for many people. It is illegal to drive while operating a phone in many states now, so you put yourself at risk with the law even if you don’t cause an accident.


Speed limits are there for a reason; for yours and the people around you’s safety. Roads are designed specifically for set speeds, so by exceeding these, you are driving incorrectly and dangerously. The faster you drive, the less time and distance you will have to spot and potential hazards, meaning collisions and accidents are far more likely. If you hit a person while driving at a higher speed you are also much more likely to injure and kill them; a speed awareness advert in fact ominously claims: “Hit me at 40mph and there is an 80% chance I’ll die, hit me at 30mph and there is an 80% chance I’ll live. Think, it’s 30 for a reason.”.

Aware Of Other Drivers

You may be a perfectly safe and confident driver, but others around you may not be. Be aware of fellow road users, and try to judge how capable they are. If you see a car on the motorway veering into the next lane and acting suspiciously, keep away from them and do not try to overtake.

Know Your Car’s Limits

You will get to know how well your car can perform, and if there are any areas, it may struggle with. Older cars may have less traction in icy areas, or lean when taking corners. Brakes need a different appliance of force in different models, and some may take off faster than others. Drive sensibly and within your motors means, and take it to the garage as soon as you find any issues or problems.