Thu. Oct 28th, 2021

What Shall I Do With My Old VW?

Everyone is aware of last year’s Volkswagen diesel emissions blunder by now. It was big news throughout the world, and even people with no love of cars knew about the scandal. At the time, there were plenty of concerned VW drivers out there who didn’t know what to make of the news. And, there were lots of doubts as to how it would affect the used car markets when it came to selling on old VWs. But, now the dust has settled, what should VW owners do with their old cars? We thought we would take a look.


The current climate

While the VW emissions news is dying down from the mainstream, there are plenty of arguments still rumbling on. First of all, VW is still saying they have done nothing wrong. Also, a recent report suggests that the emissions cheat software came from Audi. Although, of course, both companies are refusing to comment. It is evident there is a murky picture that still has a lot of light yet to shine on it.

Is my car affected?

If you still don’t know whether your vehicle is affected, it’s important to find out. There were 11 million diesel vehicles affected across the world, and VW could face fines of up to $18 billion. The official Volkswagen website has a checking service that customers can use if they fear their car might have a problem. Check it out to find out where you stand. Don’t forget that VW diesel cars make up 16 percent of diesel vehicles on UK roads. So, there’s a good chance you or somebody you might know might be driving an affected car.


Regarding looking after your car, there is nothing to worry about. The software will not cause your car to fail its MOT. Regular Volkswagen servicing will keep it on the roads for longer, too – just as it always has. Maintenance is always necessary, of course. But, given the caution of dealers and private buyers to make a purchase, it is going to be vital for all VW owners to keep their vehicle in tip-top condition.


Even though we are four or five months down the line, we still don’t know whether there will be a major impact on the value of the cars. There is no suggestion the cars are unsafe, of course. But, given that fuel efficiency is such a hot topic at the moment, it might turn out to add a lot more depreciation than you initially bargained for.


We still don’t know how much you might lose as a VW owner – or whether VW will compensate their customers. However, given that Volkswagen cars tend to be amongst the slower depreciating cars out there, there is hope it won’t be too much. Of course, that isn’t going to make much difference to disappointed customers. But, it might help ease the pain somewhat, given the VW brand’s quality in almost every other area.

So, there are still plenty of roads to cross with this scandal – and it will run and run. But, decision time is nearly upon us – so watch this space if you are driving an affected diesel VW.