Sun. Aug 1st, 2021
Car crash

What To Do If You Get Into A Car Accident That Wasn’t Your Fault

Getting into a crash is always a nasty experience, no matter who’s fault it is. However, when the blame isn’t on your shoulder, there’s a fair amount that needs to be done in order to sort out the situation. Thankfully, here is our handy guide. Take a look.

Car crashExchange Contact Details

Immediately after the collision, safely remove yourself from your car and check that the other driver is okay. They will likely be doing the same for you. It is then crucial to take away their contact details in order to pursue the matter further. Failure to do so, will result in you with a bust up vehicle and no compensation. The information you need to obtain is their name, number, registration plate, and their insurance provider. Should you manage all that, then you will have enough to form a strong case against them or their insurer. Some people may ask to settle the matter privately in order to avoid having to pay a premium on their insurance once it is due for renewal. This is particularly common in young drivers. However, for the purposes of this post, we shall follow standard procedure.

Reach Out To A Car Accident Attorney

Your next job is to reach out to a car accident attorney and explain the situation. If you have suffered from whiplash or any other physical damage, then it’s important to seek help. This is in order to gain compensation back from the other driver’s insurer. You will need medical proof of whiplash. So, if it wasn’t severe enough to go to the hospital in the first place, then you’ll need to visit your doctor to get checked out. If you’ve been left with a car wreck, then the last thing you want to do is not getting anything in compensation for the mishap. An attorney will ensure that you’re able to claim compensation for everything owed to you.

Repair Or Replace Your Damaged Vehicle

Finally, unless you’ve got a car from the Lexus NX Line, the chances are that it’s suffered a fair bit of damage from the accident. Fear not, however. All of this is paid for by the other driver’s insurance company. You needn’t spend anything. Take your vehicle, provided it is still driveable, to your local dealership or trusted garage and get a quote for the cost of repair. You can then forward the damages on to the other driver’s insurance company. Or, alternatively, if they are proactive, they will have already organised this themselves. Your car could even have been written off. If this is the case, then luckily for you, you’re in for a brand new one, again, at the cost of the other driver’s insurer. This situation has its silver lining after all. If you manage to bag some hefty compensation and a brand new car, we’re pretty sure you end up the winner here! So long as your physical damage isn’t severe or long-term.

Hopefully, this post has quelled any fears about what might happen should you get into a car accident. Now you are fully informed, you’ll be better prepared to act should it happen to you. All the best.