Sun. Oct 17th, 2021

Hyundai Recalls 2015 And 2016 Sonatas For Flying Sunroof Panels

Hyundai is recalling 2015-2016 Hyundai Sonatas and Sonata Hybrids for panoramic sunroofs that could detach while driving. The recall covers a total of 62,811 cars including Sonata Hybrids built from December 8, 2014 to August 18, 2015 and normal Sonatas built from May 28, 2014 to March 18, 2016. The recall only affects cars with panoramic sunroofs.


The Problem: Sonatas equipped with the panoramic sunroof have a wind deflector at the front. The anchor that holds the deflector in place is bonded and that bonding can fail. This can lead to the deflector partially detaching, which can interfere with the glass of the sunroof when closing. This interference can result in the glass detaching entirely from the car. Warning signs of this issue are increased noise with the roof open or a sunroof that doesn’t fully close.

Injuries/Deaths: Hyundai received a complaint of a sunroof detaching, which prompted an internal investigation and this voluntary recall, but no injuries or deaths have been reported.

The Fix: Owners of affected cars can bring them to a Hyundai dealer where the vehicle will have new bonding applied to the wind deflector anchor. The repair will be made at no cost to the owner.

If you own one: Owners will be notified by Hyundai by mail starting on December 2, and they can also contact Hyundai’s customer service to ask about the recall at 1-800-633-5151. Owners can also check their vehicles for recalls by entering their VINs at Needless to say, don’t force the sunroof closed if something doesn’t seem right whether you’ve gotten the notice or not. Better safe than sorry.