Thu. Oct 28th, 2021
VW must explain diesel

VW Must Explain Diesel Fix By Nov. 20 in California

The state of California has long been ahead of the game when it comes to enacting laws limiting greenhouse gas emissions from light-duty vehicles in the US. Now, it looks like the Golden State is again leading the pack as it tries to get to the bottom of the Volkswagen diesel-emissions scandal that has shaken up much of the automotive industry.

VW must explain diesel

In fact, while VW has come out and said vehicle recallswouldn’t likely start happening until at least January, the state is giving VW until Nov. 20 to outline how it will repair its diesel-powered vehicles to comply with emissions mandates, Reuters says, citing a spokesman with the California Air Resources Board.

That deadline coincides with the 45-day mark after VW received its Sept. 18 compliance letter about the diesel issue. In fact, California regulators may well start testing non-VW diesel vehicles to see if any other automaker installed software that would cause diesel emissions to be underestimated. Other German automakers such as BMW have boosted their diesel-vehicle production in recent years in an effort to meet tightening greenhouse-gas emissions and fuel-economy standards.

VW has estimated that as many as 11 million light-duty diesel vehicles may include cheating software. Given that California is the largest US auto market, many of those vehicles are tooling around the state. In all, Volkswagen has earmarked $7.3 billion to address the scandal’s issues, while former CEO Martin Winterkorn has stepped down and has been replaced by Matthias Müller.