Thu. Oct 28th, 2021
Hydrogen Work

How California Massages The Numbers To Make Hydrogen Work

Green Car Reports has delved into the numbers that California has used to structure Assembly Bill 8, which devotes $200 million in funding through 2024 to build least 100 hydrogen refueling stations in the state.

Hydrogen Work

GCR first focuses on the mandated renewable component in hydrogen production. The bill requires that renewable energy sources like solar, tidal currents, and biomass digester gas be used to manufacture at least 33 percent of hydrogen production at state-funded stations.

Private stations are initially exempt from the requirement, but the bill will expand to cover them once 3.5 million kilograms of hydrogen have been sold in California.

At the moment, the state says that the renewable energy clause is being exceeded, and if the numbers remain close to the projections then hydrogen will get the best start it could hope for. Naturally, though, there are caveats and potential exceptions down the line – and the lack of useful, working stations right now. Click through to GCR to read up on the details.