Sun. Oct 17th, 2021
Mid-engine Corvette

Mid-Engine Corvette Spied With New Details In Up-Close Spy Shots

New details are emerging on the mid-engine Corvette today, as spy shots reveal what appear to be production-ready headlights and taillights sitting under mesh camouflage. This one was caught right outside GM’s Milford Proving Grounds in southeast Michigan.

The bountiful amount of close-up spy shots give us a chance to further scrutinize GM’s future mid-engine sports car. In the rear, our eyes are drawn to both the outstretched batwing spoiler and those sharply angled taillights. We’ve seen the spoiler before, but these photos define it to a far greater degree than we’ve seen in the past. The design is distinctive with those high flares on the outstretched edges arching down to mounting points in the center. Right below this sits the bright red taillights shining through the black mesh. They’re square in shape like the C7 but appear to angle downward even sharper. Our spy photographer was able to watch the turn signal sequence, and he says that the blinks commence inboard and progress out similar to that of the Mustang and some newer Audis.

An LED cluster sits in the headlight module now, presumably serving as the only headlight option for the C8. A white DRL strip sits above the headlight cluster that turns orange when the turn indicator is triggered. It’s tough to make any further guesses as to what’s going on up front in the camouflaged portions because they’re extensively covered in black vinyl, masking our view.

Everything else is pretty much on-par with the previous shots we’ve seen for this car. Not as if many would do it, but this tester appears to be fitted with winter tires. Snow driving in a Corvette could be eminently more doable with the engine sitting over those rear wheels, so why not try it? When we’ll finally see this thing for real is the big question now. GM missed its chance in Detroit this year, so it’s just a waiting game for the next viable auto show for this kind of debut.