Fri. Jan 22nd, 2021
Volkswagen TDIs

Someone is Leaving Anti-Diesel Flyers On Volkswagen TDIs in Portland

As if some Volkswagen TDI owners don’t already feel bad enough, given the recent diesel scandal, someone is further shaming them. Flyers full of bad information are being left on TDI cars in eco-friendly Portland, OR.

Volkswagen TDIs

Portland-based sandwich joint Lardo posted a picture of the flyer to their Instagram account yesterday morning. Along with annoying font color changes, the flyer incorrectly states that the diesel car spews two to four times more pollutants than a Chevy Suburban. The author of the flyer also throws a Nazi mention in there for good measure, though they get the history wrong, too. Volkswagen wasn’t founded by Nazis, though the Nazi government did create a nationalized car industry to build the ‘People’s Car’, originally designed by Ferdinand Porsche. The factory ended up making war machines instead. Volkswagens weren’t really produced until after the fall of the Nazis at the end of World War II.

Volkswagen outfitted their “clean” diesel cars with a device that would only limit emissions during testing. Once on the road, the car spewed 40 times more pollutants than it claimed. The automaker plans to ‘refit’ 11 million faulty vehicles. Today, the automaker launched a website dedicated to consumers unlucky enough to own the bum vehicles.

Eco-warriors aren’t the only ones leaving judgmental, passive-aggressive notes on cars. Like this incident in Portland, these notes often fall flat, like when this paralyzed man in Michigan parked in a handicap spot and was accused of stealing the spot simply because he drove his BMW to the gym.