Thu. Sep 16th, 2021
Volvo XC40 compact CUV

Volvo XC40 Compact CUV Could Arrive in 2018, Followed By New V40

After years of waiting for the right platform, Volvo is finally preparing to enter the compact crossover market. According to company insiders speaking to Impre Autos, the CUV will arrive in early 2018 as the XC40, riding on Volvo’s new compact modular architecture.

Volvo XC40 compact CUV

The CMA platform is the product of shared development between Volvo and its parent Geely, and the work is part of the Swedish brand’s goal to completely overhaul its lineup by 2019. About a year after the launch of the XC40, a next-gen V40 hatchback and V40 Cross Country (pictured above) soft-roader will arrive. “We will not be sourcing engines from other manufacturers. Instead, we will be offering three- and four-cylinder versions of our own new engine program,” Volvo CEO Hakan Samuelsson said about the compacts to Automotive News Europe. There should also be plug-in hybrid versions, and autonomous driving tech would join the options list in 2020.

Intriguingly, this latest insider report indicates the opposite of a rumor from this summer. At the time, one of the companies execs suggested the V40 would come first in 2017 and be followed by the XC40 in 2018. With the currently massive popularity of CUVs, Volvo might have decided to swap things around to get the higher volume model out first.

Volvo’s new lineup is supposed to consist of nine core vehicles with sedans, wagons, and crossovers as 40-, 60-, and 90-series models, plus Cross Country variants. The current Scalable Product Architecture is able to fit the two larger classes, and CMA is for the smallest one. The goal of this significant investment is eventually to grow global volume to 800,000 units a year.