Tue. Aug 3rd, 2021
protect your car from the sun

5 keys to protect your car from the sun

Protecting the car from the sun in the summer months has become an obligation for all drivers. The high temperatures reached in the Iberian Peninsula between the months of June and September force us to take measures to avoid premature wear and reduce the possibility of suffering breakdowns in our vehicle. Here are 5 tips to protect the car from the sun. 

  1. Monitor engine temperature 

The optimum temperature of an engine is usually about 90 degrees Celsius. If the indicator exceeds this temperature considerably, we will suffer the risk of burning the engine. It is therefore advisable to watch the temperature of the same, and if it is too high, you can put the car’s heating at maximum power to release heat from the engine and save you a very unpleasant breakdown. 

  1. Protect your car from the sun when parking

One of the first precautions you should take is to look for parking in the shade using sun cover for car, especially in the middle of the day where the sun hits hardest. In this sense, it is important that you foresee the movements of the sun. If you leave the car parked in the shade, but after five minutes it stops being, you have achieved little. 

If you had no other option than to leave the car in the sun, there are two steps you can take to protect your car: 

Place a sun visor on the front windshield: this will prevent premature wear of interior materials and more instant and efficient air conditioning operation when the car is started. Use sun protection for cars to keep it saves. 

Use protectors for the steering wheel and the gearbox. This will save you the unpleasant “third degree burn” you suffer when touching these components after leaving the car five hours in the sun. 

  1. Check the pressure of your tires

The tires reach a higher temperature in summer. If the wheels are deflated, the tread will heat even more, since the contact surface with the ground is greater, causing premature wear on your tires. The useful life of a tire can be shortened by 15% under these conditions. For this reason, we recommend that you check the tire pressure before taking the car in summer. This will also reduce the risk of a puncture, a breakdown that occurs more frequently in the summer months due to the high temperatures of the asphalt. 

  1. Clean the car and protect it from the sun’s rays

Washing the car regularly in summer contributes to a good body care. If you also want to protect the car paint against the sun’s rays you can apply a special wax that absorbs ultraviolet rays. Inside the car you can also use a special treat to protect the leather and vinyl areas from the sun. 

  1. Take care of the brakes

The braking system of a car works at high temperatures due to the friction between the pads and the discs. If we add to this the heat of the summer months and the consequent difficulty to cool them, we can find one of the biggest enemies of the brakes, overheating. This phenomenon can cause a lack of effectiveness in the brakes (longer braking), a decrease in the service life of the brake fluid and can even lead to a deformation of the discs. To mitigate the effects of overheating, we can use short gears on extended downshifts to reduce the use of brakes, and of course, avoid the practice of aggressive driving at all costs. 

Sunscreen is necessary to protect our skin from the sun, but it has a very negative impact on the surfaces of a car. The cream can leave white spots on the body of the car or the plastic on the dashboard that can be very difficult to remove.