Sun. Oct 17th, 2021
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5 Things to do Before a Long Journey

As the Summer school holidays approach, we’re all getting excited about our family holidays. It’s a chance to unwind, relax and have some adventures with the kids. Eat ice-cream, drink cocktails and gorge on foods that would otherwise make you feel guilty. However, a family holiday can take a lot of planning and if you’re off on a road trip, you’ll be heavily reliant on your car. It doesn’t just have to get you there; it has to house you and all your holiday essentials too. Here’s some tips on preparing your car for a long journey.

auto repair

Check Your Car Yourself

You don’t have to be a mechanic to notice that your windscreen wipers aren’t working. There are lots of things you can spot for yourself just by doing simple checks. For example, are your oil and water levels okay? Check your tyres before you go anywhere and make sure you have windscreen wash in the car. Check your lights too and always carry essentials like, a tyre pump and a large bottle of water.

Take it to a Mechanic

Now is the time to get all of those little problems fixed. Have you been hearing an unusual noise somewhere? Is your car doing something strange at a certain speed? When you’re going on a long journey, it’s always better to be safe rather than sorry. Book your car into a local car garage and ask them to check it over for you. It may mean you need to spend a bit of money to get problems fixed, but it also means you and your family will be safe on the road.

Check Weight Capacities

Before you start packing your whole house into your suitcase, you may want to consider how much weight your car can safely carry. Along with the weight of every person in the car, you also need to consider the amount of clothing you’ll be taking, how many essentials like toys, food, camping equipment you’ll need to take, and anything else of significant weight. If you’re going on a long holiday, there may just be items that you haven’t got room for. In this case, something like Shiply’s car transport service could be a solution.

Drive Cautiously

A car is often only as dangerous as its driver. Don’t leave travelling until late at night when you’ll be tired. On long journey’s you need to be as wide awake as possible. It’s important to have your full attention on the road. The same goes for drinking alcohol or taking any kind of drug that may affect your ability to drive. You may think that taking some cold medicine for a headache before you set off will be fine, but those types of medicines often make people drowsy. Your ability to react quickly in the event of an accident is highly important.

If you do have an accident, try to stay calm and call the emergency services immediately. If you’re able to, get yourself and your family out of the car and wait for an ambulance to arrive in a safe place.