Tue. Aug 3rd, 2021
coolant leaking

Car Problems You Really Shouldn’t Be Ignoring

As a car owner, you’re undoubtedly used to the little surprises your car might have for you. Flat tires. A loose gas cap. Misfiring spark plugs. A lot of them are immediately noticeable and solvable. Some might linger under the surface for a long time before becoming a problem. There are some problems, however, that many consider innocuous and leave off fixing them for a long time. In some cases, this might not be so terrible. In others, it can result in much bigger problems down the line. Here we’re going to take a look at some of the problems in cars that owners tend to ignore or give a ‘quick fix’. These are some of those you really shouldn’t ignore.

coolant leaking

A loose rear-view mirror

Rear-view mirrors falling out are quite a common problem. The glue holding them can wear down or become too hot and the mirror loose. Picking the mirror back up and immediately fitting it back in seems to make it stick for most people. However, they’re only prolonging the problem. Refitting a rear-view mirror properly doesn’t take much effort at all, but unless you do it properly, it’s liable to fall out again. Next time it does, it might shatter, resulting in you paying more than you should have to.

Screeching brakes

We’ve all heard screeching brakes at time to time. If someone suddenly pulls in front of you, you’ll be well familiar to the sound. But if that noise becomes louder and common, it might be a sign your brakes pads might be digging into your rotors. When you hear a more frequent, metal-on-metal screeching you need to get your car in and your brake pads replaced. Otherwise you’re doing a lot of damage to your rotors, too.

Chipped or cracked glass

There are many people who get away with driving along with a small chip or hairline crack in on of their windows. These people are pushing their luck. Bumps in the roar, closing the boot, any jolt or shake could be exactly what that chip needs to turn into a massive crack. It’s best to get these sorted before they grow. If you’re told you need a windshield replacement, however, don’t ignore it.

Leaking fluid under the car

Some people, believe it or not, will ignore the fact that there’s an unknown substance dripping from the underside of their car. Leaking fluid could be several different things and often you can judge exactly what it is by looking at the colour and consistency of the fluid. It could be windshield wiper, which is nothing serious at all. It could be antifreeze, which is toxic and could be a serious danger to any pets you might have. Check it out and see if it’s safe to drive. If it’s not, you should rely on a service that can call out to your home rather than chancing it.

Your battery light coming on

This is a confounding one to ignore, but it’s been found many people don’t pay full attention to which warning lights are their dashboard. If you see the battery light coming on, it means your power is liable to fail at any moment. Reduce your power, but keep the car on and take it to where you can get work done on it or purchase a new car battery if you need to. It might just be a computer issue, but you don’t want to get stranded based on that assumption.