Wed. Jan 20th, 2021
2015-Honda Fit

Honda Recalls 25k Fits Over Grab Handle, Airbag Issue

Honda has issued another recall for the Fit. Only this time, it comes down to a very specific issue arising in a limited cross-section of production. The recall affects over 25,000 units in the United States alone.

2015-Honda Fit

This problem results from the bracket affixing the rear grab handle, which was apparently manufactured incorrectly. As a result, the bracket may puncture the side curtain airbag as it deploys. That’s bad news, so Honda is recalling the affected vehicles to have that bracket replaced.

According to the manufacturer, the issue was discovered during its own internal testing procedures, and not because of any reported incidents. The problem only affects Fit hatchbacks from the 2015 and 2016 model years, manufactured between April 11, 2014, and July 2, 2015. Even within those confines, however, the recall is limited only to those in LX trim level and not equipped with a sunroof. That amounts to an estimated 25,367 units in the US – less than a third of the 84,000+ units American Honda sold in the same fifteen-month period.

This is the third recall that has affected the Fit in as many months. Last month saw 143,000 units of the Fit and Civicrecalled over a transmission issue. In September, the Japanese automaker called in another 18k Fits over a problem with their ignition coils.