Tue. Jan 26th, 2021
Old Car

How To Keep Your Older Car Running Well

It is fair to say that a savvy motorist will more than likely be running a used car. With good reason. A new car will lose a big chunk of its value the moment you drive it out of the showroom. Why would you throw money away? Buying a used car is the most practical and sensible thing that you can do. There is no reason your used car shouldn’t give you years of trouble free motoring.

Old Car

Obviously some cars will be easier to maintain than others. But it is quite easy to identify models that stand the test of time and reliability. It is better to look for models and makes that don’t require hi-tech specialist equipment to keep them running. But a car even ten years old can be perfectly capable of running well for a long time to come. Here are a few tips to help you keep it that way.

Checks you can perform yourself.

Regardless of any coughs and splutters, that you shouldn’t be ignoring there are some checks that you should perform on your car every month or so. Take a look around the vehicle and with someone’s help make sure that all your lights and bulbs are working. Sometimes you can be warned by a car that a bulb has gone. It can be a good idea to carry a few spare bulbs. Indicator and brake lights are often ‘universal’ and will fit most models. These are often easy to replace and it is definitely something that you can do.

Under the bonnet

You should also familiarise yourselves with the places to check your oil and brake fluid levels. Again these can be done manually. As engines wear, they tend to use up more oil. Modern batteries are often very robust and reliable. If there is any evidence of furring up around the terminals you should have the battery checked. Any connections should be rock solid. Make sure that your water radiator level is kept topped up.


Keep a check on obvious losses of pressure in tyres. Make sure that all your tyres have plenty of tread. Any that are wearing could be a sign that your tracking needs adjusting and you will have to get new tyres. Make sure that your spare tyre is inflated. It can be a good idea to check that you are carrying a jack and changing kit that you know how to use.


Get to know a reliable garage that can handle your car’s servicing and repairs. That personal relationship means that they will know your car and often let you know what needs taking care of and what can wait. A good transmission repair outfit will be happy to offer you a warranty on work done. That way you can have complete peace of mind. They will also use quality materials and products in their work.

Body work

Keep your car free from grime by using a good pressure washer. Finish off with a leather. To get that gleaming bodywork look you will have to use a wax polish. You can keep your windows free from grease and smears with a good window polish. This will help prevent then misting up on cold or wet days.

Driving your car safely and economically will mean that you will get the most out of your vehicle. Plus, you’ll have the bonus of knowing that it will be worth more should you ever wish to sell it.