Mon. Jun 14th, 2021
car Servicing & Repairs

How Today’s Car Owners Are Getting Savvy At Servicing & Repairs

Some people assume that today’s cars are just a nightmare from a maintenance point of view. They believe only qualified mechanics can perform even the simplest of repairs on them. Here’s the thing: you can still carry out plenty of work yourself!

car Servicing & Repairs

Car dealers are trying their best to entice owners to have their vehicles serviced with them. But, car owners are becoming savvier these days. Thanks to resources like the Internet, many owners carry out all kinds of repair work. That means they save lots of money and learn more about how their cars work.

So, which ways are motorists becoming more “clued up” on the inner workings of their cars? Here are a few examples that shed some light on the subject:

They learn the basics online

Once upon a time, a shocking amount of car owners couldn’t even tell you where they add oil to the engine. Nowadays, they can identify all major parts of an engine and even tell you how they work.

Resources such as the Ultimate Car Maintenance Guide at help them learn. They also show car owners how to perform various tasks like changing oil or replacing a battery. The Internet is one of the most accessible ways to learn about anything. Especially car maintenance!

They buy a Haynes manual

Anyone that performs car repairs will no doubt know what a Haynes manual is. If you don’t, let me explain. In essence, it’s a workshop manual written for specific makes and models.

It offers simple, easy to follow steps on how to carry out all kinds of repairs and maintenance. Haynes manuals also feature diagrams and photos to depict various tasks and help people. They are affordable and are a good field reference when there’s no immediate access to the Web.

Haynes manuals are available from and local bookstores.

They carry out weekly checks

As a car owner, it is your responsibility to keep your pride and joy roadworthy. The main way to do that is by carrying out weekly inspections on it.

The things that many motorists check on their cars include:

  • Tyres;
  • Exterior lights;
  • Engine fluid levels;
  • Exhaust system; and
  • Brakes.

One advantage of doing weekly checks is that it helps to flag up any potential problems. Otherwise, those issues could turn into expensive ones! For instance, if a tyre keeps losing pressure, it could mean there’s a puncture.

Most punctures can get repaired cheaply and with ease. A blowout often means that a brand new tyre needs to get bought.

They learn about cars from knowledgeable friends

Let’s face it: most people know at least one person that has a comprehensive knowledge of car repair. Spending lots of time with such people is bound to have an effect on motorists!

The world of cars is a fascinating one for many people. Even if they don’t become mechanics, some folks still want to learn how vehicles work. Those people often end up becoming the person everyone knows as “being into cars”!