Sun. Oct 17th, 2021
New Chevy Small Block

New Chevy Small Block Crate Engine Has 405 hp, Endless Possibilities

With decades of history, the Chevrolet Small Block V8 has definitely stood the test of time, and the company has kept finding ways to make it better. At this year’s SEMA Show in November, Chevy Performance is unveiling the latest upgrade to that legacy with the new ZZ6 350-cubic-inch (5.7-liter) crate engine. Offering 405 horsepower and 405 pound-feet of torque, the mill should add a big dose of power to any project car.

New Chevy Small Block

For the ZZ6, Chevy is working to improve the Small Block’s high-rpm performance. To make that happen, the engine has Fast Burn aluminum cylinder heads and an updated valvetrain inspired by the LS family of powerplants. Large intake runners help with the airflow, and the valve springs use a tapered design that allows for less reciprocating mass. The mill also packs a forged steel crankshaft and high-silicon aluminum pistons inside of a cast iron block.

Chevy is offering the engine in two versions depending on what the builder needs. The Base configuration comes with an intake, distributor, water pump, and a few other parts but lacks carburetor and accessories. Conversely, the Turn Key option has everything, including the carb, air cleaner, starter, alternator, and more. More details about their availability will be announced at SEMA.