Sun. Sep 19th, 2021

Simple Mods That Can Supercharge Your Car’s Performance

It’s a little surprising that car modding is still such a niche pursuit.  Because, with a minor change here and a simple upgrade there, you can improve performance by a significant amount. And let;s be straight here – we aren’t talking about overhauling an entire engine system. In fact, many changes you can make to boost performance won’t cost you a fortune. Let’s take a look at some of your options in our guide to the simple modifications that can supercharge your wheels.


The drop-in air filter

The air filter in your car is such a cheap piece of kit. But it is also one of the areas of your vehicle that can improve performance by a  significant amount. Air filters help air to flow around the engine and vital components, keeping them nice and fresh. The cooler your car, the better it will perform – it’s as simple as that. The only issue is, the filter collects all kinds of dust and gunk, which makes the car less efficient. So, given the cost of replacing an air filter is only around $50, it’s one of the best things you can do to improve performance.

The new exhaust

Car manufacturers tend to cut costs as much as possible in the factory process. It means they can offer customers better deals, sell more cars, and everyone is happy. But, if you want to get the most out of your car, you shouldn’t rely on the manufacturer to make it happen. The exhaust is a good example of this. The standard exhausts are OK for removing waste gases from the vehicle – but they are far from perfect. So, the next car mod to consider is switching it out for a new one. Something like the Flowmaster exhaust kits might be useful to lower the amount of back pressure that builds up in your car. In turn, this gives you a far more efficient vehicle.

The reprogram

Of course, your car’s entire potential for power comes from the engine. So, technically, you will need to replace the motor if you want better performance right? Well, not quite. Your engine is controlled by a computer – known as the engine control unit – or ECU. Within this control, there are a whole bunch of settings that keep everything in your car working properly. However, this configuration can be overwritten. You can do anything from improving your fuel efficiency to increasing your horsepower. Please bear in mind that it takes a trained eye – and hand – to start messing with ECUs. There are pro tuning shops in almost every state, though, so help is at hand.

High performance oil

Another cheap little mod you try is using high-performance engine oil. Now, the key thing to remember is that just because it says ‘high performance’ on the tin, it doesn’t mean it will be good for you car. Check with your manufacturer and find out which quality oil you can use, and it will make a big difference.

Good luck with the modding – and enjoy your new, higher performance car!