Sun. Sep 19th, 2021
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The Best Ways To Save on Car Maintenance

Those of us who are sane absolutely adore driving. There’s nothing quite like speeding along with the windows down on a hot day, feeling the wind in your hair and blaring your favourite playlist. As great as driving can be, it’s not cheap! Even the most passionate drivers can make mistakes which end up costing them money. Here are some tips for saving money on the maintenance of your car.

Audi Car

First of all, start learning and performing preventative maintenance. You won’t spend nearly as much on maintenance when your car doesn’t need it that often! Like a lot of drivers, you might see or hear something on your car which doesn’t look quite right. Then, you’ll put off inspecting it until it causes irreparable damage to the vehicle! Although this is common, it’s not excusable! Get in the habit of certain checks. Check the battery here and there, and clean the contacts when necessary. When your windshield starts getting streaky, replace the wiper blades. Learn how to check your oil and change it regularly. These habits and more might be tough to get into. However, they’ll save you a lot of money in the long run.

My second tip is to shop around when you do need repairs. This is something a lot of drivers neglect. When your car breaks down, it can be very frustrating and panicky. It’s understandable if you get the knee-jerk reaction to go to the garage you’ve always gone to. You could be getting the same work done for a much lower price somewhere else. The next time you have an issue with your car, take some time looking around at your different options. Get written estimates, which are valid for as long as you need them to be, and then take them with you looking for a second, third or fourth opinion. You might get a nasty shock when you realise how much you’ve been overcharged in the past!

If you can’t find a cheaper mechanic in your area, then another option would be doing the repairs yourself. This suggestion might seem a little bit daunting. While it is possible to screw your car up by poking around, it’s certainly possible to do DIY repairs yourself. Repair manuals can be a huge help with this, so shop around. After you’ve got the hang of replacing your own fluids, air filter etc. you can move onto more complex jobs. Replacing your brakes, rotors and so forth can be done with a few tools and the right knowledge. I’m going to assume you don’t have the time to become a trained mechanic. For this reason, don’t bite off more than you can chew. Understand how a part of your car works first, and then try repairing it. If you’re unsure about something, don’t touch it!

Take this advice, and you’ll be stunned by the amount of money you’re able to save. Soon, you’ll be able to pay for all the valet parking, spinning rims and fuzzy dice you could want!