Sat. Jan 23rd, 2021
Pininfarina Sergio ferrari

Tuning Your Tune: How To Make Your Car Sound Better

If your car’s engine sounds more like a sleeping kitten than a roaring lion, you may be wondering what you can do about this. While a lot of people never even notice the sound of their car working, this is just as important as the graphics and body kit to a lot of us enthusiasts. There are a range of factors which will affect how your exhaust sounds. Here are a few modifications to get you closer to that primal growl you want.

Pininfarina Sergio ferrari

Remove Silencers

One of the cheapest and most effective ways for you to improve the way your car sounds is by removing one or more silencers. This can be a little risky, as it will take some models from way too quiet to way too loud. Generally though, you should be able to remove at least one without risking your hearing. The majority of cars have two silencers, though various performance vehicles have more. Be sure to remove one and then check the noise level before deciding to take the other out.

Get a Performance Exhaust

The exhaust system is one area where most modern cars have room for improvement. That’s not to say that cars these days are poorly built. However, a lot of manufacturers have chosen to go with cheaper alternatives when it comes to various parts, notably the exhaust system. Installing a performance exhaust from a reputable brand such as Borla will release a little more power from your engine, as they’re much less restrictive, and are generally more efficient in terms of allowing exhaust gasses to escape. Think of it as clearing your car’s airways. The spent air and fuel will be able to leave the engine faster, leaving more of it to be burned. This, in turn, creates more power for the engine. Furthermore, a performance exhaust will improve the tone of the car. Aftermarket exhaust systems generally come with less restrictive silencers, or simply less of them. You’ll be able to get the effect of the point we mentioned above, all the while improving the performance of your engine, and the car as a whole.

Installing a Sports Cat or Decat

In today’s eco-friendly society, a standard catalytic converter (cat), is a very important part of the car. As the metal of the converter heats up, it converts the gasses inside into substances which are less harmful to the environment. The difference in sports cats is that they have a much better rate of flow than your standard model of cat. While they’re made of the same material, sports cats are also designed with a finer, more precise smoothness, which allows for better exhaust flow and a louder, more bass-heavy sound. Decats, on the other hand, cut out the catalytic converter completely, allowing even greater flow of exhaust, better performance figures and a richer engine sound. Before you go out and pay for either of these, just be aware that sports cats and decats are illegal in some countries. Always check the law before modifying!