Sun. Oct 17th, 2021
Ford's EcoBoost Engine

What You Need to Know About Ford’s EcoBoost Engines

For years, Ford has been boasting about its EcoBoost engine technology. This is something that you need to be aware of and understand if you are looking to buy a new Ford car. This technology might be for you, but it’s best to understand it before you make that decision.

Ford's EcoBoost Engine

What is EcoBoost?

For EcoBoost engines are being introduced by the company to increase the power in their cars. Most cars out there don’t have this level of power, so this could change the consumer car market massively. It’s not strange for racing cars to use methods like turbocharging, but it’s not something that most ordinary cars are able to do. It aims to improve fuel economy too, and it’s this that will appeal more to most ordinary drivers. But most people actually understand how these engines work and what their impact is. So, if you want to learn more, read on. And you can see which cars come with these engines at sites like


The main signature of the Ford EcoBoost engines is turbocharging. So, what does turbocharging actually mean? It’s one of those words that we all know but don’t really understand. It’s actually quite simple though. A pretty simple device is used that dramatically changes the way in which the engine functions. The device forces more air than usual into the engine, and when you put more air into the engine, it makes it much more powerful. It’s a small change that makes a big difference to the capabilities of the engine. There is no need for more fuel to be used in this process either.

Direct Injection

After the turbocharging aspect, the next thing that matters in the EcoBoost engines is the direct injection. This is simply a form of fuel injection, and can also be known as gasoline direct injection. It sends fuel to the engine, but not in the conventional way that you might expect. What it does is completely cut out the step that most engines take when they use the intake tract to direct fuel to the engine. The reason for cutting out this stage of the process is to make the whole process faster and a little more efficient. It simplified the way in which the fuel gets to where it needs to be. You can learn more about direct injection at

Gas Mileage

One of the main things that cause people to hesitate when considering EcoBoost technology is its effect on gas mileage. There is a lot of misunderstanding and misinformation out there when it comes to this. When an engine is enlarged, this does cause the gas mileage of the car to decrease. And that means it costs more money for the driver. But this is not what EcoBoost technology is all about. It’s not a matter of making the engine bigger. Instead, as I discussed above, the engine is turbocharged. This gives extra power to the engine without causing the gas mileage to decrease. There may be a small decrease in some cases, but it’s not a big issue.