Fri. Jan 15th, 2021

Why You Should Run Out and Buy a Dashcam Right Now

Ever wonder where those mystery dings on your car come from? Ever wished you had a camera handy to catch a bad driver or an incident of road rage? Well it is easier than ever before to get your hands on a camera purposefully designed to record everything that happens out on the road. You have probably already seen dashcams in shows like COPS, usually rolling as a cop pulls up to the scene of a crime or during a high speed pursuit. Now dashcams are becoming more and more popular for civilian use, thanks to increasing affordability and ease of use. Having a video record of your driving can come benefit you in common sense and sometimes surprising ways.


What They Do

A dashcam is an onboard camera that continuously records the view through a vehicle’s windshield. You can also attach dashcams to the rearview windshield as well as the sides of the car. Some dashcams have suction cups that you stick directly on to the windshield, while others are mounted on to an adhesive-tape apparatus. Dashcams give you round the clock video recording usually up to around 6 hours or 1.9 GB. They can record while the vehicle is moving as well as when it is parked and immobile.  Most also record the time and date of the recording in real time. Some of the more expensive dashcams can cost over $100 dollars, but you can also find much more reasonable models in the $40-70 dollar range.

What you are willing to pay and what you need depends on your driving situation. For example, if you just want a dashcam to record you to and from work, you might only need one for your front windshield and one for your rear windshield. However, say if you are an UBER driver, it could be worth it to invest in cameras to cover all sides of your car as well as one to record the inside.


Ok, so how is a dashcam going to help you? Well anytime you are hurt in a motorcycle accident or an auto accident, you have definitive proof of what happened. Say you got rear-ended, but the driver of the other car claims you backed up in to him. With a dashcam there would be no room for argument. Any claim the other driver makes could be easily verified from looking at the video.  All it takes is a quick YouTube search to see just how often this actually happens. You can even catch other accidents as they happen, and provide video of the accident if necessary. It’s not only accidents though, as you can catch incidents of road rage and plain old bad driving with a dashcam.

Having the video can obviously help you in legal terms. Insurance scammers, wrongful tickets, injury claims, and more can all be solved with the use of a dashcam. They are great for checkpoints, because they can provide definitive evidence to how you were driving before and after leaving a checkpoint. It is important to note that the dashcam is there almost like an insurance, in case you feel something has been done wrong or a ticket is not justified, not so you can get away with driving impaired.

When it comes to filing legal claims a dashcam could be your best friend. A dashcam could be the difference in winning a case or not. Video is clear cut and unbiased. There is no “he said, she said” when it comes to dashcams. They provide the backup you need when you feel like you have been wronged. And since the average American spends 293 hours driving each year, chances are at some point you will need that proof.

To add to the legal benefits of a dashcam, you also get the chance to record things on the road that you would normally miss. That super awesome Ferrari that passed by? It’s on tape. Want to admire your own driving abilities? You can do that too with a dashcam. You won’t believe some of the things people have caught on tape with their dashcams.

What Are You Waiting For?

Dashcams are small, easy to use and relatively cheap ways to provide yourself with some extra insurance. Automobile accidents and tickets can run up into the hundreds and thousands of dollars, but for less than $100 you can save yourself money down the line. Don’t get caught in a insurance claims nightmare. Get a dashcam and keep everything in black and white.