Sun. Oct 17th, 2021
2017 Toyota Land Cruiser

2017 Toyota Land Cruiser

The Land Cruiser has been part of the Toyota lineup since 1957, which is the longest run of any model in the automaker’s portfolio. The current Land Cruiser continues the tradition of offering impressive off-road prowess, albeit in a much larger and more luxurious package than Cruisers of yesteryear. Not only is the Land Cruiser the largest vehicle in the lineup, it’s also the most expensive. Our test vehicle came fully loaded with standard equipment and a few options: a cargo tote, wireless headphones and a glass-breakage sensor — for a total MSRP of $86,663.

2017 Toyota Land Cruiser

What We Like

This iconic off-roader was restyled last year with a bold new grille, projector headlights, a sculpted hood and LED brake lights. We like the new look — it brings Land Cruiser in line with current Toyota offerings, and the bold styling projects strength and capability.

Front Seats

After driving several hundred miles in the big Land Cruiser, we really appreciated the comfortable front seats. Leather trim is soft and seats are supportive with plenty of adjustments. Front seats are also heated and cooled, and can be set to automatically activate based on climate control settings. The steering wheel is heated as well.

Display Screen

Even though the Land Cruiser is one of the longest-running models in the Toyota lineup, the automaker has spruced up the interior with the latest technology. The display screen is easy to read and conveniently shows audio, navigation and weather — all on the home screen.


In general controls are intuitive and easy to navigate. Most of the off-road settings are in the center console for easy access. We did find it annoying that adjusting the fan requires going into a climate-control menu; this basic function should be a control that can be accessed directly from the dashboard.


A convenient addition is the available cooler in the center console that can chill several bottles of water or soda.

Second Row

Although the second- and third-row seats aren’t as cushy as the driver and front passenger’s, second-row riders still have plenty of space and lots of legroom. Three adults can easily fit in the space, although the middle seat is a bit tight. Large entertainment screens and wireless headphones make this a very inviting place to relax.

Rating: 8.5

There aren’t many truck-based luxury SUVs still available, but the Land Cruiser certainly stands out among them. The big SUV is not for everyone — it carries a hefty price tag and will continue to cost at the fuel pump. But with legendary off-road capability, a luxurious interior, a solid ride and plenty of power, the big SUV does have a lot to offer. Granted it lives large, but the Land Cruiser should soldier on for years to come.